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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Recent update wrecked my acct.

doku 25 y u

Every since I updated o can't sign into my acct. it states Internet connection(error 503),but everything else all other apps run just fine



pos updates



Works good but I hate that the video automatically changes videos unless you hit pause after each video. Really annoying when you're trying to read comments.



Please make YouTube great again



With this new update literally nothing will load at all and I watch YouTube all the time.........SO DISSAPOINTED

Amazing App

Reed Linsteadt

I have been using this app for years and I use it like all the time I am considering becoming a YouTuber myself and this is just a great app and I love it



24th May 2016.This app claims to be in tune with users clearly this not the case as it stands STOP SEEING THIS AD this section have been on and off numerous times 19 times! RECOMMENDATIONS is even more ridiculous 20-90 who want to be bothered selecting NOT INTERESTED 20-90 times I find their actions spiteful who would want to pay $10.00 for YOU TUBE RED not me I can buy the DVDs instead. Based on what I have experienced this month MAY 2016 is deplorable actions from the controllers of this app!?28th yep again with STOP SEEING AD not there for the ?20th time and removing saved list still remains even with numerous attempts to remove it FYI I uncheck that selection. That cardboard thing is back and I am still not going to use it?!


Hung huge

Why are my videos blurry when i have all bars of wifi and full reception?

playback problems

Chan. P

when I play a video, and I'm in the middle of it, the video always shifts back to the beginning but is still playing the audio as if it were in the right place. it's been doing this for so long. please fix this.

Great but...


It's a great app and I love using it but sometimes It lags