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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Iphone 4 problems?


Lol upgrade


Totos 06

Make it so you could record your screen

Fix This Now


There is something incredibly wrong with this I clicked on a video and now my whole you tube is messed up videos don't load they are stuck on the black loading screen for Hours and Hours this is a new bug that had to be fixed

Constantly crashing


I have to constantly re download this app, because it always crashes. I never, and still don't have this problem on my phone, fix this issue immediately.



You should change the 17+ restriction to a lower age. I'm 14 and I can't even get to my YouTube app because my iCloud isn't 17+. Am I not old enough to watch my favorite gamers or the most popular music videos? Do I not know what I can and can't watch on YouTube? Not every single person under 17 doesn't know how to stay on what they can watch. I miss having YouTube on my phone accessible. And the worst part is, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR YOUTUBE APPS (besides the kids one) IS RESTRICTED 17+! What's up with that, YouTube?!

App breaking glitches


I love this app and all, but there is this one glitch that makes it where you can't interact with anything unless you restart the app. This is most likely because the phone I am using it for is pretty outdated.

I caanot download the App on my IPad

Maribel 1964

First, I had the problem that it got stuck on a particular show, it won't let me go & change the search?. I had to delete the App hoping to fix the problem, But, this caused MORE problems! Now, I CANNOT download App on my IPad!

Not working

EDDY evan

I cant get the app from the AppStore it won't let me get it

Can't even use it. Would have not even rated of possiblr


I can't even open it any more. It is stupid. Don't waste your time.

It's ok but

Brio rouge

I want to remove links in my liked video list that has private video and deleted video