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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Worst app ever


Usually I don't review much on the App Store but this was it, never have I ever been fed up with an app in my whole life. Basically, this is the worst app to be ever published on the App Store. Random playback errors in literally every video, ads load perfectly fine but when the real video comes up the app be like "oh, that's not an ad, how can I play that?" Not to mention random pauses throughout a single video and that hideous UI that's only suitable for a phone. Sometimes the app wouldn't even work, giving me a network error even though my internet is running perfectly fine. In worst case scenarios it would only load up a single video, after that literally nothing loads, no comments, no suggested videos, no nothing. It forces me to force close the app after each single video so that I can watch another one. Until the day Apple comes up with its own YouTube competitor....

YouTube red- Not cool at all


So I tried the free trial. Unlimited vids, offline videos on the go, and background music. So I tried to watch a song from the background & the music simply stopped when I went to home screen. And it says it works offline, but I have to save a video so I can watch it, and it won't save, totally useless.



YouTube used to give you good recommendations to watch but after the update it's been trash

No back button


It's hard to navigate and the worst thing is that it is hard to go back to a previous video

Make a play its or something for videos you hide


Love the app but now with the hide feature I love it even more but sometimes I hide the wrong videos by accident so please do something like a playlist similar to your watch later that shows all the videos you hide just incase you hide a video by accident that you wanted to watch

I hate this app


Use the native full screen video controls and settings, not your garbage crap. Idiots. It's like you make the app as garbage as possible to try tricking people into thinking it's the iPhone's fault.

More but you tuber

Awesome Boyer

More butttttt



Please change the design . And sometimes when you leave the app for a long time and come back to it , it would say "error, video cannot play"

Latest video subscription is missing


There's no latest video in my subscription feed, please fix...

Fix this like button glitch for once.


This like button glitch won't let me like videos, please fix.