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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Like YouTube butt it’s scary


I hate poppy Playtime and it’s too popular I don’t like it

No keyboard shortcuts = not using it


I’m on an ipad with a keyboard case. I use the website keyboard shortcuts constantly as I watch youtube videos. Until you add them to the app, I’m sticking to the website. J,k,l,t,m.




YouTube is amazing

bamboo panda123

This app is amazing ever time when I’m bored I go on her!! I even started my own channel foxy panda family! And I post YouTube videos I like this app you can pick and choose and search about what your going to watch.

My account just disappeared

Cayla lin

My account disappeared out of nowhere and it was made when I was like 5 so I forgot the password and now I can't log on, so is it possible to bring my account back. (I have a iPad that probably bought in 2016 so a lot of stuff don't work on it)

Good but needs dislikes

captin gilbert

The idea that they removed a key feature to any user upload platform just bewilders me. The comuntie is awesome but the management of the site on youtubes part is pathetic.

A Staple of American POV entertainment


Incorporated into my daily streaming ,watching, pleasures. The beauty of the worlds landscapes and oceans. Learn how to do anything. Personal stories, experiences. It’s amazing how lucky we are to have all of this at our finger tips.

Oni Chan


Happiness noise

The ads


The format YouTube plagued there free content with is exactly that a plague of greed. Why not just have something awesome for the people? What’s the economics and motivation with that?



To much advertising