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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Can't watch videos


I flat out can't watch videos and the closest I can get is when it says 0:00 out of 0:00 and a black screen

Stop Deleting and Blocking videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ????

Pony fan 9990

Stop deleting and blocking videos from every county now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????? Because I can't watch some videos from my playlists now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? And please bring every video back and unblock the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????

This app would be rated 5 stars if not for a few very important flaws


First off, this app used to be so good last year. Then, there was a very quick decrease in quality. THE BLACK BAR ON THE SIDE OF THE SCREEN HAS TO COME BACK! IT WAS SOOOO HELPFUL! Next, when a video ends and I want to go back to rewatch some of it, it is very hard to go back because the red dragging thing is so small! IT IS VERY IRRITATING! Third, when a comment gives a time in the video and I want to go to that part, it won't let me press on the time in the comment but it just refreshes the comment section. So I have to drag the already small dragging thing to a precise point to watch that part. Bring back the organized suggestions, not just put them all on one list. I only use this app because there is nothing better. Fix these flaws amd it will be back to perfection.



Please change the old design back, at least the one when you are on a video. I HATE that when you tap on the video (to pause it or something) there is a circle that radiates. Also, some people with phone cases are finding it hard to simply scroll through the video since it's so close to the edge of the screen now. Please change back. Otherwise, I have no other problems with the app. It has just been really getting in the way.

Nothing works

Super Jig!

This update is atrocious. Absolutely none of the videos load over Wi-Fi, forcing me to use my cellular connection, meaning I have to deal with auto quality changing the quality to 144p or 240p, and not being able to change it. FIX THIS. NOW.

Doesn't respond

Diesel The Labrador

I read another review that had the same problem as me so I'm not the only one. I have the iPhone 4, the oldest version of it. And a couple months ago, I've been having weird issues. When I turn my phone around to watch the video sideways and then if I tap to pause it or something, it won't respond to the touch! So I pretty much always have to exit out of the app every time I want to watch a new video. It gets soooo annoying!! Please fix this, I'm not the only one having this issue. Other than that extremely annoying problem, the app it self is great.



Too many freezing and loading issues while trying to watch videos. I find myself having to close and reopen the app constantly. More frustrating than enjoyable.

too slow


it takes forever to load a video and it lag at random moments (I have 4G) it just a bad app need update to fix the bugs



Feels like every video I click has advertisements now. -.-

Not the best app in the world

Avery 61605

I think that you people controlling the app need to let people Watch videos because we get no video at my house on my iPad And when we get a video it is all staticky