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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Great App But.....

Flaming Ace Spade

Great app but please add a function that's allows you to control video speed

A reason y iphone suks

Iphone suks vs galaxy

I cant rotate... It stays vertically until i full size the video.. Iphone suks compared to galaxy.. :l seriously

Bad App


Always glitching and freezing. Terrible app that needs lots of improvement. Just watch videos without the app



The app is amazing but I found an age restriction flaw. Swearing. Yes that's the one flaw in the age restriction system. Just one swear on a video should make the video rated 18+.



Terrible app!!! Videos keep freezing...buffering and such. Please fix!!!



I love YouTube alot. I've been using it for years. But over time it's gotten worse. I can't watch a video off one of my favorite channels, why? BECAUSE IT BECAME AGE RESTRICTED! I now can not watch that video. The video did not violate any of the rules at all, which is stupid. YouTube, please fix how the copyright claims and age restrictions work.

iPhone 4


This app crashes or becomes unresponsive about every 5 minutes on the iPhone 4.

Focusing is bad


With the other update it would focus fine but with this one it won't focus for nothing and it looked so pixaly

Are You Kidding Me

Hansol C.

After the update, I can't even view new videos on my subscription feed. It just shows recommended channels and popular channels. I am really annoyed at the lack of effort put into listening to the consumers's concerns. I am fine with ads and the somewhat laggy videos but not showing videos in your subscription feed is too much. Google has really let me down on this one.

Can't scroll through subscriptions

متابع مستمر

Subscription menu is broken for iPad Last update is not good, very very slow and network error. Please fix ASAP.