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Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Catch up with your favorite channels, enjoy the world’s largest music collection, and share easily with friends. Watch the latest videos and playlists on the couch or on the go.
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YouTube, your way
* Discover videos and channels with recommendations just for you
* Cast videos from your phone to Chromecast, other connected TV devices, and game consoles
* Use playlists to save, organize, and share your favorite tracks

Enjoy endless music
* Find songs you love on your new personalized music homepage
* Launch a YouTube Mix, an infinite playlist of songs with unlimited skips
* Explore the world’s music in YouTube’s massive music catalog


TNT GAMING or tnt gaming8

This awesome with the best vids keep it up youtube..................

Crashes a lot

I am facing app crashes a lot in last few weeks. I reported this issue but didn’t get any resolution.

Get our favorite channels back
your trash gameboy

Was a decent app until I found story fire

I can’t get on
Addy Dell

When I updated it I tried getting on the app and it loads the cover but then shuts off and it won’t let me on and it is doing the same for my phone YouTube plz help me ! 😭😢▶️


Way to many ads. Tired of waiting 50 hours to watch a video.

Thank you

I like to describe YouTube as the Knowledge bank, University, Professional and entertainment.


Too many ads

YouTube ruined my childhood

I like YouTube. I watched it for years, but now I don’t get the fun feeling when I watch it now, since they got rid of all my favorite you-tubers. When Xbox addictionz got deleted i got mad at YouTube because they didn’t even give him a warning. I was still ok with watching YouTube until they got rid of Propepper, Introllsive, and master or luck. Those were my favorite you tubers for years, and they didn’t even get warning either. My childhood is basically ruined because my favorite you tubers for years got deleted. I hope YouTube gives you tubers warning to at least change their content before deleting their account, because if another one of my favorite you tubers gets deleted with no warning, I’ll just be done with YouTube


About 80% of what I watch is from YouTube. But I feel they censor creators or their policy’s heavily stifle what creators can post.


The download for just two days and limited

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