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Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Catch up with your favorite channels, enjoy the world’s largest music collection, and share easily with friends. Watch the latest videos and playlists on the couch or on the go.
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YouTube, your way
* Discover videos and channels with recommendations just for you
* Cast videos from your phone to Chromecast, other connected TV devices, and game consoles
* Use playlists to save, organize, and share your favorite tracks

Enjoy endless music
* Find songs you love on your new personalized music homepage
* Launch a YouTube Mix, an infinite playlist of songs with unlimited skips
* Explore the world’s music in YouTube’s massive music catalog


Amazing YouTube
Mr. browz

You tube is everything, if you want content to watch in whatever area you are interested in

Replay to other reviews / issues

Now, I’m not expert but here; “You can’t view comments”- Maybe it’s the device you are using. Or the user/owner of the video has disabled them for their own reasons. Maybe catch up on some updates if you haven’t already, and if none of this works try contacting YouTube or reporting your issues with more specific details. “Crashes”- What device are you on? Are you caught up on updates? How old is your device? What year/brand is it/when was your device made? Do you need a new device ? Questions you should do research on to answer them and get help for that issue and possibly others related. Sorry I only answered a few. None of them will probably be helpful because I’m pretty young and don’t know much but just try them out of you’re really desperate and actually want to try and fix your problem other than whine about it. :/

It’s the best app

Very fun but needs some work though it’s pretty much 1 of the best cuz you get the best out of it

Too personalized

Too personalized, narrow minded and one sided. Nothing new or to learn on related searches. Let freedom of the internet take over and let us be well rounded individuals not targeted ones.

Delete immediately. YouTube is listening.

Look I don’t watch Family Guy. Don’t Google. Don’t read about it. No interaction. One night I watch it on TV with friends. TV not connected to my phone. The next morning my feed was filled with Family Guy. Can’t be a coincidence. Deleted immediately. Recommend everyone else do the same.

Default resolution needed



Nice app updates improved the app functionality

Too many commercials

I love using YouTube as a resource and for guided meditation. However, they have gone overboard with the commercials. I didn’t realize Google and YouTube were that hard up for money...greed wins again.

J Hofer

Big fan of free speech, seems to be fading quickly from this platform. Will soon have to find the alternative platform!


Why is it skipping to the next video when I’m watching the one I want to watch that needs to be fixed Why does YouTube videos always have bad quality