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Every update it just gets worse

I feel like every update that the app just gets worse. Why did y’all change the thumbnail size? It was perfect fine until y’all just made it take up your entire screen. Now I’ve gotten used to it so it isn’t a big deal as it used to, but I’m not a fan of the thumbnail change. Now for some reason there was this weird bug were YouTubers sub counts won’t show and it will be annoying. The only time you could see it is when you will click on a video. Now this issue has been fixed already and I only experience this problem on iPhone. In conclusion, YouTube stop changing things that we don’t complain about for goodness sake. You guys changed the thumbnail size and the comments for what? Now I didn’t like where the comments were placed when the first changed it but now I like it better because I don’t have to scroll all the way down. -MOM, YouTube.

Doesn’t show all the videos

Only shows 4 vids on home page then the page ends. Doesn’t load more vids or anything. I have iPhone 10 crazy

Wonderful YouTube

I really enjoy using YouTube for all my informations! Can be fun! Can be serious! It connects me with the rest of the world!

Too Many Ads
Zackary Scott

Ads take over my screen. It’s really annoying and it makes me not want to use YouTube anymore.

Something really bothers me
#1 fan of Among us!

I hate how you have to have 100 something subscribers to do a live video I feel like you should just be able to do a live video no matter what it’s just really unfair to us Youtubers who don’t have a lot of subscribers

danielle de Bayangam

Thanks and blessings for those who constantly share their inspirations trough YouTube , therefore revel the thoughts or feelings that I don’t know to express in words. Dear gratitude

best app ever

Youtube is the best app ever because it’s always helpful when you’re bored or if you need to find a video on how to put something together or how to do something.i usually stick with watching stuff when i’m bored but that’s just me you can do whatever you want with this app. it’s always up to you.

History not syncing

History of any video watched does not sync with history on desktop or other devices with the YouTube app. Anything saved to “Watch Later” is also not syncing.

5 stars
hungry girl!

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Why is Rotation So Slow/Unresponsivev
Eugene Ko

I’ve had issues with YouTube not detecting that the phone has rotated during a video but it has been years and the issue has not been addressed.