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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

BAD update 0 stars


Ever since the new update YouTube does not let me play any videos. I can scroll through YouTube and search videos but as soon as I click on the video it just highlights and then the whole app freezes and I have to exit out. I have deleted the app twice and restarted my phone three times. I just re-downloaded the app and it still does not work. PLEASE fix the bugs. I am subscribed to So many people whose videos I want to watch but I canNOT watch any videos since update.

No major complaints


Add volume control. It would be nice to be able to play YouTube in the background while using other apps.

From limited, to unusable


The new red bar at the top takes up way to much space and doesn't move when we scroll Swiping in from the left has been removed, which has been the best part of the app Buffering issues are still present We can't search for channels we've subbed to And we cannot search videos in channels We still cannot edit comments or dislike them. We can no longer scroll while commenting, making it impossible for us to see what we are replying to Videos still randomly crash Random "offline" issues, even when connected WHY DID THE SWIPE FROM LEFT MENU DISAPPEAR? The new system requires you to be on the home page, meaning you have to hit the back uptown about a thousand times before being able to use the menu In certain circumstances (like when a playlist switches to the next vid), you can no longer like or comment on the video. Why would you do this? What's the point? Who does it benefit?

New update freezes


Ever since I updated yesterday, the app freezes every time I click on a video to play ?

Loading problems

P-Girl Swag

Lately every time I tap a video the video will not load no matter what even if I try to tap a different video



Was a great app until they overloaded it with 30 second adds you can't skip

5 seconds then it stops


Every time I watch a video, well most of the time, I'll be 5 seconds in then it stops and won't load and if it doesn't go to 5 then stops, then it may go to 11 then stop. Please fix this

Stupid programming


Programmers at YouTube need to do better job. Too unstable for 2016.

Bug that's needs to be fixed


When I open to the app to open a video the application freezes and refuses to play a video.

Love the new look


Just updated the app really looks great!