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okay so first of all I want to say I love YouTube BUT, lately with this new update EVERYTHING has gone wrong! I wish I never updated! it always has playback error like twice every video!! or more! I have to exit out the app and reload it but it still does it!! and the new home screen is sooo uncoordinated! it's a row of videos instead of the channels new videos like it used to be! AND that new feature you guys put for when you tap the video....OH MY GOD!! it's soo freaking Difficult to rewind a video!! or to even pause! it's so bad!! also, I NEVER get my notifications on time! it's like 30 minutes late! ugh -.- I do like the new auto play feature tho keep that!

One small complaint

Not a Tech Savvy Person

What is it with this ripple effect thing that happens whenever I tap the screen when I'm watching a video? It's annoying and distracts me from actually watching my intended video. Does it have any purpose? Because if not, for the next update please get rid of it.


Hollywood Undead Fan


Login Issue


I just got my iPhone SE days ago, downloaded YT, and tried to sign-in, but the sign-in tab isnt even responding???





محمد همار

Every thing is good but the bad thing in this app isn't working on background please repair this problem Thank you

One thing missing

The missing thing

The one thing missing to the App is background play. This feature would revolutionize the app entirely


Bush did 911 wake up America

For some reason this YouTube update has made it so I can only see the newest comments in the comment section, also whenever I refresh the page the screen starts bringing up different menus until it finishes refreshing. Lastly, the fact that Keemstar hasn't had his channel taken down yet still astounds me



My 3 minute video should have uploaded by now after 15 hours of waiting. It's always stuck saying that it's processing at 53% complete.

Update needed ASAP


Whenever I am watching a long video (majority of the time I am) the video will suddenly change back to previous part but keep the audio of the current part. Please fix in your next update