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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

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Censorship bad, freedom good


JRo a

YouTube used to be the best place to get any and every bit of information now you can’t show certain things, say certain words it’s becoming just for monetary gain. The ads YouTubers promote they don’t even use or like the products and when they aren’t being paid don’t ever mention or use these products. I liked YouTube much better when people just posted videos not a production just videos. Stop paying YouTubers so much money and wasting my time by not monitoring when they just upload the same video added to a new video( that is happening way too much)



i love it. it has everything



Thank you YouTube for the opportunity to share my videos. This has been a tough and rewarding experience and I’m excited to keep work with y’all in putting out content and learning how to be a better content creator.

Youtube is the best, it is my go to platform, I can watch it all day long.

a new craft

Youtube is the best, it is my go to platform, I can watch it all day long.

lacking features


add a queue button

Greetings ?

Spirit Momma-la

Hoping all is well with you and yours I am a YOUNG 67 years of age AND this App is “MY GO TO”

It needs to be re-added

catch chdbyhsgfvh

The report user but it needs to be back I’m talking about for YouTube channels at least Because I kind a needed it and then I go to try to use it but it’s not there so yeah It needs to be re-added



One thing.stop recommending shorts in home feeds when I don't have any watched in my history.

First time viewer


Really enjoyed this, reminded me of being in the kitchen with my mother in law years ago. I miss her still. Thank you & I’ll see you soon. Wish I could have been eating with you. Love ALL the food you cooked. Ann