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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Glitch Or problem With app

Fetty Wap 1738 Zoo Gang

Hi Youtube i would like to say that When You open Youtube for IOS Its black and then youtube Page Comes out Its that a bug glitch Thank You

Not working!!!!


My YouTube deleted and I can't download it again


Hello inch




for a long time I've been facing bugs and even had my iPad crash with a black screen...

IPHONE 4 problem

Bryan y caelike :3

I've read other reviews with the same problem everytime I try to pause or tap on the screen when i have a video playing it doswnt respond to pause or tilt please fix this its so anoying otherwise it would be a great app!

Holy Crap

Egg been

Background play... Background play... It works fine without payment on the browser version, so why not on the app? This looks nice and clean, but in reality, is much worse than the browser version of it, Christ

Videos always Buffer!


I cant stand it anymore! Remembrance pt 2 had come out and Youtube isnt working! No matter what if i have a good wifi source or i close the app repeatedly i cant even get to see my favorite videos! It always buffers! So the latest update ruined everything! -chicken Girl



When I try to fast forward or go back in a video the sound will skip until I get to the spot I want the video to go to and its very annoying!!!!!



My playlist wont autoplay the next video. I use it for the gym and it gets irritating stopping my workout and clicking the next video everytime

This is a joke, right?

A very angry person ?

1 ad and 6 videos. That is all that is in my recommended every time I refresh. And every time I've already watched at least two of them. Fix this. This app was so good a year ago.