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Jbaybay 123

Ever since the update this app has been horrible it won't load

Good, but has bad suggestions.


We can all agree that YouTube is a pretty good app but the suggestions are always inaccurate. They think i wanna look at someone get their eyeball pulled out on a stream instead of gaming videos. No I don't want this! I want stuff that won't give me nightmares!

This is horrible

I ❤️ ?

I got this so I can watch music videos on YouTube but I can't find anything I want you should not get this game I give it only one star

Apple TV app is too limited


The youtube app for Apple TV 4 is for passive viewing only. Any user interaction requires the website or iOS app. On the aTV Users can: watch videos; watch subscriptions, search videos. Users cannot: see description, rate videos (thumbs up/down), (un)subscribe to channel, add videos to playlist, read comments, or even see other videos by uploader (unless you are subscribed to their channel). It's disappointing that the app for the Apple TV 4 is neutered of many features that were available on the retired app of the old aTV 2 and 3. If you want to know what you are watching and by whom, curate a collection of videos, or even just rate videos, then you'd be better off using your iPhone or iPad with Airplay to send a video to Apple TV.

Fix this app please.

Death Trap

Ok, I love you, youtube, but there are way to many problems with this app. 1: Sometimes while skipping around in a video, the audio is replaced with the audio from the end of the video. Very annoying 2: The app unsubscribes me from some channels. 3:Some of the playlists I Have saved don't show up in my saved playlist section! 4: 30 second unskipable adds. Really? Please fix your app.

Won't let you hide ads anymore


"Stop seeing this ad" used to do nothing, so they just took it away and don't give you a choice. Ads still load light years ahead of the actual video. Is YouTube spent half the time they waste on ads on improving UI and copyright claims, they'd be golden.

Not The Best

Devastating Cupcake

First off I like watching people do stuff but the bugs and glitches ruin it. First glitch is sometimes when you are watching a playlist the actual video title does not show up. That bugs me when

Make screen recorder like you made youtube capture


I love the app i have a channel myself but i can record my screen please make a screen recorder like you made youtube capture and take as long as you need just make it atleast please im begging you i really want to make gaming videos please

No problems


Nothing to complain about



I recently switched my IPhone 5c to and SE and backed up my phone. Now my YouTube app has disappeared and I cannot redownload it for some reason. I love this app but this is a total screw up.