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Can I undo this update?


What happened to marking what videos you've watched? Please bring it back



I refuse to comment in this sh*tty update

Unbelievably Stupid


You did it. You actually ruined the comment section. 1st of all, I can't tell when one comment ends and another begins. You have to REEEEAALLY pay attention to the skinny lines, again ridiculously stupid. What was going through your guy's heads? The comment section is just terrible. While it's nice that you can see all the replies at once, you did it in a god awful way. I can't express how frustrated I am that this is what youtube is becoming.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem


Okay so it was working fine before updating my iphone with iOS 10 but after I updated it I tried to update the app and it wouldn't update so I'm think hmm what's the problem why isn't updating. So I think to myself let me delete and and re install it back to see if it'll fix the problem. Well I deleted the app and now I can't install it back! What the hell do I do now

YouTube, you cease to amaze me in the ways how you can take a working system, and botch it


Sure the last comment system wasn't perfect, you had to spam the 'load more' button to see all replies to comments, but who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to put all replies to comments on a whole different screen. Considering how you guys lose money every year on this project, I see why you don't have to care, but for the love of God actually put the new designs in front of other people before launching them out.

The new comment system is atrocious


I love YouTube, it's probably the number one most used app on my phone. But this new update to the layout is terrible. The comment section got it the worst, it's just so inconvenient and an eyesore to look at. When you click more replies it opens up a whole new window that's completely unnecessary. The comment section was fine before and changing it to this trash layout was a huge mistake. If it is changed back, my rating will return to 4 or 5 stars.

Awesome app!

Cool Chloe Fox

YouTube is awesome! It's such a good app sure their are some bugs but other then the that it's the most greatest app ever! Oh and YouTube theirs a problem I'm on my iPad I can't comment on any videos cause of the update

Stupid Update


As you can tell by all the other reviews, the new update was unnecessary and just made the app worst. Lately I've also been having the glitch that restarts the video but the audio keeps going. Obviously you guys have a habit of changing something that was perfectly fine to make it worst.



You made your app even worse with this new update Youtube, I'm better off viewing the comments in the crappy web browser version now, the new comment page is now practically unreadable, the last version was just fine! What made you think that you had to change it?



Didn't think the app could get any worse, glitches out when i switch from landscape mode to vertical even worse than it did before. Only use the app because its better than nothing.