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Manage your account when it's convenient for you with My Verizon Mobile.
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With My Verizon Mobile, you can manage your account right from your device.

*Pay your bill
*Check minute, text and data usage
*Manage Friends & Family numbers
*Change Calling plans
*Change Features

The Verizon Data Usage widget for iOS 8 and above shows your data usage right in the Today view in Notification Center. It updates automatically based on your plan and usage, so you’ll never be surprised by data overages again!

The My Verizon Mobile app enhances your store shopping experience by:

*Enabling an exclusive in store experience where you can interact with featured products, view product information, availability, and pricing.

*Purchase accessories via your handset while in store.

*Checks you in automatically when you arrive for preexisting appointments, workshops, or in-store pickup.

*Schedule an in-store workshop or appointment for a future date.

To use these features, you may need to turn Bluetooth on at the time of your store visit.

Important Notes:

In order to provide you with the best in-store experience, the My Verizon Mobile app uses your phone’s Bluetooth, and camera to enhance your visit.

There will be a time lag between the end of a data session and the point at which the latest data usage will appear.
The features described may not be available for prepaid customers.

We’re always making Better Matter. My Verizon Mobile has enabled the Data Usage Widget for Prepaid customers. Monitor your remaining prepaid data available with a widget accessible from the Today view in the Notification Center!

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Worst ap and service I have ever encountered. If I can get out of Verizon I will. J Lewelling

Thumb print password

I don’t have one and stupid billing zip code is a crap way to set up new password or get old one.

My Verizon Works Fine

Everything Verizon is working fine. The signal is strong and steady. I really like the app, it is very informative and easy to read and understand. Thanks Verizon.

Contact Us?

Contact Us? Not really helpful. I get the impression Verizon doesn’t want to communicate with customers with complaints or problems.

Working with me

You guys work with me when ever I’m in a bind and I appreciate it every time thank u so much Verizon


I set up to have a payment made on a certain day, I have yet to see it work. I always have to go back in a redo it. Verizon takes several days to deduct the payment from the account.. it’s just a lame system for such a big corporation

lori beth116

I have unlimited on my mifi and it slows down after certain gigs and that is not right.. thinking of switching to another company if it’s not fixed.. been with Verizon for 15 yrs I think I deserve to be treated better than that as a loyal customer!

Very good!

Verizon really do wonderful


Every month I need to reestablish auto pay on the app. I have talked to agents and they have also set it up. Not a fan of Verizon at this point.

Can’t communicate with Verizon

One tab under check and adjust plan only let’s you look at options. There should be a way to chat with Verizon or simply select the change.