Monument Valley Reviews

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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Not that great


It is a pretty game visually but was boring for me after a few levels. It just wasn't the game for me. The reviews make it sound like it is a simply amazing game. I find it so-so. Not sure why it is listed as an essential game. It is an okay game, just not one of the greatest I have ever played. ETA: It was so boring, simply bland. How did this get an Editor’s Choice award? I wish I had never paid for this game. I love the idea of going back to buying games outright instead of devs milking us with micro purchases, so I appreciate that. But the game just didn’t excite me.

Beautiful and too easy


This is a beautiful game and I could go on and on about how gorgeous and well thought out and interesting it is. I have never seen anything quite like it. I wish there were more levels. I was hoping that it would get harder and it never did. It's too easy to solve even though it's very pretty and fun to play.

Best game so give me more


Absolutely love this game, stunning in every way! But I wish there were more chapters. I feel like I get through them so quickly and just want more!

Make more!!!


I love everything about MV 1&2! The music is peaceful, the puzzles are fun and the little story is sweet. I want more ❤️

Surprising captivating


This game has some amazing level design! I was truly surprised with the intentionality to detail. This little puzzle gam really makes you think, and keeps you coming back for more. It has completely changed my perspective on mobile games.

Omg!!! Amazing!

toria.c :)

It’s a beautiful and peaceful game. The puzzles are great, the characters and great, the environment is great. 10/10 every time. It’s perfect!

Anniversary content

Days ca

Bring back the anniversary content please



Honestly if your looking to buy the game you should. This game was just incredibly detailed and had such nice sounds. This game is more of a puzzle game if anyone is looking to buy a puzzle game. The game just really satisfied me a lot. So I recommend it. :)

Best Game and Saddest Story


So I bought both games. The geometric challenges of both games are fantastic and let me think more than I need to. Some of the puzzles are easy (beside the ones that are at the beginning), but are fairly difficult. I tried to find a story for myself on what happened and I really found it sad but happy. Overall, it was the best game I’ve ever played.

Need solution to level three.


I need help! On each monument valley game, I don't know the solution to level three! I need to know! I want you to tell me the solution or I'll be trying to figure out the level for like three years!