Monument Valley Reviews

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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Absolutely Outstanding!


10/10 game!!! I really love the attention to detail in this game. Ida’s design is really neat! Not to much detail on Ida, But I really like the game. The remember being absolutely HOOKED to this game when it first came out! Outstanding job. I’ve played it everyday since I Downloaded it! Keep up the good work.



The game itself looks great and is very aesthetically pleasing, however I’m incredibly disappointed by the total amount of gameplay. It takes less than an hour to complete these puzzles and is not worth the $4.

Amazing game!!


Monument Valley is just a beautiful game. You travel through different places, and the puzzles I think are very well made. The colors and designs are so amazing, I’d like to thank the people who made this game for doing an amazing job making the puzzles, the coloring, and everything in the game. I also think that monument valley can be educational is some ways. It shows you how many different ways you can do things. I’ve been learning geometry lately, and this totally reminded me of it. Overall I think monument valley is a wonderful game, and I’m hoping that you will buy it and see how amazing it is. :) Sincerely, A big fan ;)

Mesmerizing Mind Puzzles


Enjoyed every second of this beautiful game.

Great Quality but Not Hard

HERO3 Producer

I had this game when I was in middle school about 7 years ago and I thought I remembered how trippy and hard it was, but now that I got it again it was really simple and not one thing was hard. It’s a very chill relaxing puzzle app. It’s aight.

Always have it on my phone, no matter how many times I changed my phones


The game has beautiful designs. The music and graphics helps one to relax, also brings aesthetic pleasure. It allows you to view things via different angles in creative ways.

amazing game



The game I always come back to


I have replayed 1, 2, and the expansion countless times and keep coming back to this gorgeous game. I check the indie games every few months to see if i can find anything that will give me even a fraction of the same enthralling wonder that it provides (to no avail). Monument Valley isn’t a game, it’s an interactive art piece that — with patience — allows you to uncover a journey on a path to hope. Take the journey and be patient, it’s worth it.

Absolutely beautiful

Ryan Lacho

I came across this game recently, and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s extremely calming, while still giving your mind a challenge



Such beauty and attention to detail it bears out for extended play and meditation on the experience and the meta knowledge of such creative spirits of those who brought this together. I rave about this game it’s logic, visual/ pictorial teaching and passionate designers. Thank you