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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Pleasantly challenging


Very cool game with stunning visuals and architectural challenges. It was a joy to play.

Novel game that is too short


Total play time is like 2-3 hours. Really short



It’s kinda trippy yet stunning and amazing. It’s just a beautiful and mesmerizing game to play.

Beautifully crafted and executed visual puzzles


From the puzzle to the story and the sound, this is really a well done, integrated work of art! If you are looking for very difficult puzzles that you have to use Uncle Google to solve, this is not for you. If you are looking for an sublime mixture of Persian and eastern art, zen, and a visually stunning immersive world, step right up!

The box

Daniel Tuhtan

This game is absolutely great. Thanks for fixing the problem!



This game and monument 2 are my favorite games by far, I just wish it was longer. They were so relaxing and beautiful and once I started them I did not want to stop. I would have given this game a five plus if it was not overly priced for the amount of game play. I finished it in less than two hours. I don’t regret purchasing both these games however I regret paying 8$ for about four hours of enjoyment.

A Well Done Game!


I really enjoyed playing Monument Valley 1, the extra levels of MV 1, and MV2. Loved the low key music which really set a mood, the color tones of the graphics and the type of Geometric / Optical Illusion Puzzles to solve. Looking forward to other add-ons and games by this team.



Ok, this game I am totally addicted too. I can't solve some of them but that just adds to the excitement!!!!!!!! I feel so so so amazing when I finally pass a really hard level and I just am like "I JUST BEAT THIS LEVEL! I COULD LIFT AN ELEPHANT AND A TRAIN AT THE SAME TIME USEING MY PINKY FINGER!!!!!!" All the while beating my chest like a gorilla. This was the best game ever!! I am in love with it! Good job.

Best game.


Surely it has its flaws. But it’s my favorite mobile game every that I go back to it several times. Waiting for more.