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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

As Excellent As Ever!??????


I replayed this incredible masterpiece today and it’s as excellent & exquisite as I first played it when it first came out.[5⭐️/5⭐️ ] I wish it had Game Center achievements.? Also, I wish that the developers would bring the Monument Valley games to console like PlayStation & Switch. I would gladly purchase them again and support the devs! I know it’s designed for mobile in a portrait view, but I have faith in the devs in making it work somehow. Thanks for these gifts that are the games.?

Great game for kids


Make more

Pricey for 10 games


Paid the 6.99 for 1 and 2 and just got done playing only 10 games in monument 1 and they want more money to play more games. Why make us pay for a game if your only going to give us 10 levels. Not really worth It to me. Fun game for sure but having to pay for new levels after I already bought the game not good.

Delightful, Magical


This puzzle game is so unique and unexpected that playing it is an almost enchanting experience. If you enjoy clever puzzles, you will love this game. If you also enjoy optical illusions, this game is a "must have". The discovery moments will have you gasping out loud with joy. I've been playing puzzle games for almost 50 years. This is one of the most delightful puzzlers I've ever played.

Was good, but it isn’t anymore


First off, love(d) the game. Very beautiful, and I like how it tests your knowledge and perspective. But when I got to level 8, the one with the box, I couldn’t get to the purple area. I tried and tried, but eventually I looked up walkthroughs. In these walkthroughs, the box opened up for the people playing the game. I tried doing exactly what they did, but the box never opened up. I had the green part in the exact same orientation, the crow in the purple place out of view, but nothing worked. I looked up walkthroughs for iPads, but it was the same result. If this is fixed, I’ll change my answer, it’s just EXTREMELY frustrating. I’ve been stuck for what feels like forever.

Good game

roblox go go go

Is it illegal to right review as kid me is kid this good game

Absolutely beautiful!


The graphics are amazingly gorgeous, but only 10 levels? I finished in 2 hours. The ending is beautiful but comes way too soon. It's another $1.99 for more levels. Frustrating. If not for that this app would be 5 stars

great game... but what the heck!?!?!

Little H ?

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. I used to play it with my dad when I was really young, and it would be so hard and we would just mess around with it together. So today I decided to revisit this fond memory and download AND PAY for it. But.............. I beat the game in less than 10 hours. Not even joking. Ok I loved this game, but right when it was getting good, it ended

This app is great!


Loved it

Love monument valley to my core


The gameplay, while short still holds up. I get sucked into the beauty of the world very much and it’s hard for me to put the phone down while I play it. I have one question though: I bought Ida’s RED Dream when it first came out, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Love the idea of aids wearing red at the time to help symbolize what the purchase meant. But when I recently redownloaded the game and decided to challenge myself by restarting all my progress, my purchase of Ida’s RED Dream suddenly just became the standred Ida’s Dream. Now the gameplay still remains the same and I still love the chapter, but is it possible for you guys to restore the original version for me? I’d very much like to have the RED version of Ida’s Dream back because it was symbolic to me on why I bought it. If you can’t, I understand, I just thought I’d ask first if that’s possible. Please respond soon.