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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Definitely worth the cost

Frustrated runner2209

This game is a treasure that costs a few dollars and is worth a million. The levels are artfully crafted, the puzzles are not so easy that you feel it was wasted, but not so hard that you find yourself looking at online guides for it. (I’m assuming that’s the case. I looked at a video for the very beginning of a level and the answer turned out to be very simplistic-I was looking at it the wrong way.) I love how they defy the laws of physics and use optical illusions to toy with your brain, all while making it more appealing for all ages. The sequel is a must have, as the storyline is not quite so vague, but your mental skills are tested even more. If you haven’t played, this game is worth the 2.99. Fans of the first game need to play the second. People who have played both (me) are awaiting a third. This is a triumph among indie games that stands out against all.

The BEST game

hay hay hay🙃

This game is the best I have ever played and the sounds and graphics are amazing! I also love how even though it is very relaxed, it is still challenging. And when I found out there was a part two I was sooooo happy!😁I know a lot of people are saying that part two was two expensive but they should get the pack with both of them for cheaper. And people are saying that the levels are too easy which I can partly agree with because a few are easy but a couple of them took me foreverrrrr! Anyways, this game is one of the best out there and I think it’s totally worth the cost.😁😝

Beautiful game!


Beautiful game and I love revisiting the levels. Of course we all wish there was more, so I’m here for all of the extensions. Love it!

Great game but...


Great game that challenges you to look at things differently and use some imagination but this should have been free. I finished it in under an hour and felt jipped. Definitely needs a lot more levels. Yea there’s a sequel but just add more levels and up the difficulty as players progress.



This game is so amazing, from the beautiful graphics to the tricky illusions, it’s a blast to play. I’m just in awe and can’t believe how wonderfully addicting and challenging it is ❤️ great game love it so much

To hard


It’s fun but it’s to hard and there’s no hints

A real masterpiece


Title says it all. My only wish is that it was longer. Now to do the DLC and version 2!

The best, even tho its old.


I still like this. The bugs dont highly influence the game. Its a recommended fav! I loved this when it came out! Its the best app ever!!!!! Please make a trequel! I would love to see one! ❤️

I love this game


I don’t think I’ll ever forget this game. The graphics are beautiful, the puzzles get pretty challenging, and it keeps you occupied for quite a while, despite only having ten levels. Ida’s Dream is just as visually stunning and challenging, but it is a pretty long chapter, which makes up for the lack of levels. So, in conclusion, this game is quite the chip off the block.

Love It!

Farm Lover 🐶🐱🐮🐷🐴🐣🐔

I just finished the game and absolutely love it! I loved the puzzles they were so fun! I also love the story line of both games. But I do hope to see a game exactly like it just with like 100-200 levels and it is a free app. Also if you do end up doing this app idea I hope to see the levels get harder as it goes on. Hopefully you do this! Thank You for Reading my Review!

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