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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Outstanding Game


I am not a game person but when I got a new IPad decided to buy this after reading great reviews. It merits all the praise. Just a pleasure to play, once you get the hang of it, you can start to devise strategies. In the process of playing, one learns logical reasoning and spatial thinking.


#1 Toca boca fan

This game is worth every penny, some people say this game is super easy but for some it’s challenging. I never listen or read to the reviews because most of them are about ads and when I try the game out there are no ads,I honestly don’t understand.

Absolutely Amazing


Monument Valley 1 & 2 are beautiful, puzzling, relaxing games wrapped in mesmerizing scenery and sound.

Love it!


I’ve been playing this challenging “quest “ for a few years now. It’s always so intriguing and unique.

Easy but people want it harder


This game is easy but I want it to be like Monument Valley 1 because the first is the hardest thing I ever played and also I want a monument valley 2 race because people challenge you to race against people online or a bot so I just want a race in this game and harder

Monument valley...

Corsair Joe

Is super fun but hard. I had downloaded this because my mom had it. Ida is pretty cute but strange. Awesome game to play. Bye!



I beat it in one day I would say it’s for 10+ not 4+ calming but confusing I also beat the second game on the same day!

Beautiful game

Time Quake

Absolutely flawless, not just a great mobile game but a great game period. The soundtrack, the art/graphics, the gameplay, everything is top notch.



It’s really not what I thought it was. I want a refund but I don’t know how. Any info call me. 5139535080

Just read this:/

wolfy panda

I love the game it’s really awesome and I absolutely love it I wish there was more levels like a level where it shows Avery body’s past so ya I’m not good at writing-