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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

I WANT MORE!!!!!!!


Please make the games longer. I didn’t pay 7.99 for a day of game play pleaseeeeee I love this game!

I can’t say anything... (except YAAAAAhhhhh!!!!!!!!!)


This game is my favorite one in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!! I like both monument 1 and 2, I wish there would be 3.1,000,000 stars! No, 10000000000000000000000000... 1 word:yum It is so worth it and inexpensive! It’s also very hard to design like that.

Glad i got it


A great game overall. It’s definitely worth it. A ton of bugs though. End level bug: you can move around at the end of a level (not 1 or 6) Click at the end of the level, then just click circle at top-left and wait ‘till Ida is done and then click the X. Click the camera, click the circle and click the camera again and close x2. Please fix this but still good, even with MV2 here. ;)

Too short & no actual challenge

Grim Jackien

The game was a huge disappointment in comparison to the first game. I was bored by the levels in the game, waiting for them to get interesting, but the game was completed before this happened. There also seemed to be very few actual puzzles. Loved the first game and was hoping for more of the same but this is just a waste of time.

Awesome game.

eater of spaghetti

The best game ever



Muy bueno el 1 y el 2. Pero porque no hacen más juegos como este⁉️

I had to play it tiwice


Lol it is the best game ever I played so many times

Loved it, but over so quick


I couldn’t wait for this to come out, but it seemed like the puzzles were a bit easier and faster than the first. Played it in an hours. Wish there was more as it’s not only super fun and quirky, but the graphics are amazing ❤️

Good game, needs storyline


Unlike monument valley 2(amazing game), it doesn't have a story or characters to bond with. Still a fresh and fun game.

Beautiful, but too short and simple


The art is gorgeous, the mechanics are interesting and general ambiance serene, but the game felt far too short and simple. Wait for a sale, or know going in that you'll get maybe 45min of entertainment.