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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Way to Short


Decided to pay for a game during quarantine and I was really disappointed by this game. Since it was a paid game I thought there would be hundreds of puzzles to solve. Nope! An hour and 10 levels later the game is over. What a waste of money.

Fantastic game. !


I absolutely love this game. Love love love. I was disappointed the game was so short.

Loved it but way too short!


It’s a fun and interesting game with fantastic graphics. But for the money, it should have twice as many levels. I got through it way too fast.


Maxentius Tarquinius Superbus

A brilliant gameplay concept executed with heart and grace.

Worth Every Penny

ice cream 4 life

The most beautiful app created! I ~never~ buy apps, but splurged on this one. It was absolutely worth the money. The best part is that it is fun and challenging to do over and over again. I just reset my progress when I finish the main game and Forgotten Shores. I only wish I had bought this sooner!

Loved this game!


So beautiful and engaging. Played certain levels twice. Loved the journey of Ida! Forgotten Shores and Ida’s dream are great bonus levels as well.

2020 review: The greatest and most unforgettable game on the App Store!!!


This game brings upon many wonderful memories of the valleys visited and the flow of the game. It fits together like puzzle pieces. This wonderful app deserved and deserves all the money it gets. NO ADS. That’s the plus. This calm game goes through easy-to-follow puzzles and almost no way to fail! No troll paths, absolute fun! It’s worth the $3.99 USD to get, and forgotten shores! Get this app.

Love love love

Mariam From Qatar

I’m really in love with this game, I felt it’s shows how life goes on I’m really glad that I saw and played this game .. I hope we get more chapters or apps with nice stories .. thank you ❤️. BTW You deserve all the awards you got 👑



I just finished both volumes, including the appendices. What an amazing game! I wish more volumes are in the works for the future. This puzzle game challenges you to perceive 3D environments in a different way. I like that you can go at your own pace thought I wish there was a way to save your progress mid-level in case you have to close out of the app. Maybe in future volumes this feature will be available. Other than that I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a challenge. This would be a great game for young and old alike as it trains your brain to solve problems spatially and dimensionally.



Amazing game, awesome

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