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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Please read my review 😍


I am 10 years old and my little brother love this game I played with him all the time we have so much challenging our brains confusing and stunning at same time. please make a third one the second one and the first one are the best games I've played in a very long time. thank you for challenging your brains please I mean please make more.

I LOVE it!


It has so many challenges in it but the story is a bit lame. I hope they make more levels with more challenging puzzles!

Criticism is easy

Signal 30

I enjoyed this product very much. I am visually amazed at the amount of detail that unfolds on every level. And yes, like a mouse in a maze, one does begin to learn from the previous levels. But as a whole, I found this product visually fun and spiritually pleasing. The process of criticism is easy; one simply needs to say, the product lacked this, and it needed more of that. Just one time, I would like to read a critical review in which the judge (prior to rendering the opinion) outlines their step-by-step assessment of how (in their opinion) the work could have been improved. I believe then the judge, jury and executioner would have earned their right to carry out their sentence.


22nd century girl!

the game is so much fun and i love playing it but it won’t let me play past level seven (i think). ida (the character) just isn’t there and i can’t do anything to fix it.

For the love of God, don’t stop


Every time i open all, app stores it is in hope of more monument valley. Give me more, lots more.

When is the next chapter coming ?


This is my review. How more concise one can be ?

I can’t say anything... (except YAAAAAhhhhh!!!!!!!!!)


This game is my favorite one in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!! I like both monument 1 and 2, I wish there would be 3.1,000,000 stars! No, 10000000000000000000000000... 1 word:yum It is so worth it and inexpensive! It’s also very hard to design like that.(also, ida and the crows could go through stuff.)

Great with some flaws


This game is GREAT and you can tell they put a lot of time into making it as there are many different elements of each level... but I do wish that it came with a bit more for the price. However it does give you some cool text stickers that you can only get if you buy the game and aren’t available on the free versions lol but it depends on your judgement on the game... some people love it, some people don’t like it as much, and some people just can’t decide (me)... so I would recommend not getting the pack of both games until you know whether or not you think it is worth it from buying one of them.

Tranquil and Beautiful


This is a must get app. You will feel calm and at peace as you play it. Sometimes I just listen to the music. Love this!

AMAZING but disappointing...


This is literally my favorite game of all time, but the puzzles are too easy and there are under 8 of them. I get that it takes time, but I played both this app and the second one in under an hour. Almost a complete waste of $10. MAKE MORE LEVELS!! Also, I found the story background too vague, and it would be cool to have a video or something that you can choose to watch about what the monuments actually are and how Ida got to them.