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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

amazing game! a little short


i loved the game so much! the sound track and sounds were so mesmerizing and it was so beautiful! it was challenging and a really entertaining game. my only problem is that it was a little short for how much the game cost i wanted more story and more levels because i finished it in under an hour other then that i loved it!!!!!

Most creative game I have ever played!


Honestly the best puzzle game I have ever played. The levels are so creatively crafted and the illusions and geometry will blow your mind. Literally every level gets better and presents new challenges. I usually don’t like paying for games but with this one I’d happily pay for any extras. Well worth your time. I can’t recommend this game enough!


i like monument valey

This game is super good I got it a long time ago so idk if it is free, and this week I got into it I finished the game it was super fun and hard, so if your looking for a challenge download Rn!!! I like that you do the stuff until you get it right. Ummmm that is it.


inkling 444

I love this game. I just finished Monument Valley 2. This time I savored each level. Thank you.


Card Dad

I stumbled upon this game, while looking for another game. I'm not much of a gamer. So take that into consideration when reading this. Most games don't hold much interest for me since they are about battling or racing against a clock. If I get involved in a game, it has to be relaxing. This game is abundant in great design, a simple, yet mysterious narrative, with visually amazing problem solving, and a really fitting, ambient soundtrack. I love that it plays on the art of M.C. Escher (a learning opportunity when playing it with my 7 year old.) My son and I actually gasped at certain areas of discovery. I must underline the fact that 'Ida' doesn't have to physically battle Bosses or have to keep repeating levels from being killed. Yes, I'm talking about you, factory robot! My two sons, who are both typical gamers, think this game is awesome. We can't wait to savor the additional add-on and Monument Valley 2.


french_ lavander

I was very disappointed with this game. If you’re only going to include 10 levels, then it should have been free. The game was fun, but it was also frustrating at the same time. I get that it’s a part of the experience, but not even simple hints were provided.

Awesome game, but could use more levels


This is definitely my favorite game, and is very fun, and challenging. Every level gives your brain a challenge but relates to the objective of the game. To me it was worth the money. However, I finished the whole game within two days. I highly recommend playing Monument Valley, but you will pay $4 for only about 1-4 days of playing it.

This game is a wow!!

William the Shrubber

Never enjoyed a game more. Are there more adventures coming our way? I sure hope so.

this is the best game you will ever play


i played this game when i was in junior high school, forgot about the game and only recently rediscovered it after years of wondering what strange “geometry game” i had played. This is the o my game on my phone currently and i love it even more now as an adult! i’ve even convinced my friend to get it hahaha! i hope to see more amazing chapters added!!

I love this game but...


I love this app!! It’s so challenging and fun. The only thing I wish it would do would be give you a hint per challenge. I love this game and recommend it for anyone who wants to challenge their brain.

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