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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Save your money


I bought into the hype and I was very disappointed. This game felt more like a chore than a game. Levels were extremely short and easy. Not challenging.



It’s definitely worth buying the game I love everything about it. Every level surprised me with its design and background music it’s a magical and unforgettable game.

A memory


An amazing game overall. There’s love and passion crafted into each level of this game. The only bad part, there isn’t more! Worth the purchase or the Apple Arcade subscription.

It's great


it's a really geat game it has so meny details and it is so easy to play i could just play it over and over. i recommend it to anybody at any age. it's worth the money. and the graphics are so cute

The whole family enjoyed it.


A joyous challenge and a good story.

Too easy and short, not worth the $


It is fun to play but kept waiting for game to get challenging, which it easily could have considering the concept they came up with. By the time I thought we were moving on to next level the game was over.

Great app,but a theyroy.


I love the game! The design is cool, but I have a pretty dark theory, so spoilers ahead, and trigger warning: mentions of satan, and unforgivable stuff.whelp,here it is... In level 9, ida visits the former queen. Also in level 9, seen in the “orange room,” there are people suffering on the walls. They could have been sentenced to h3ll, being unforgiven, but more precise...there souls are trapped in the bodies of the crows.On the slider in the same see a demon like figure.this could be their god.But I think this is actually a depiction of satan.the ghost on level 9 says “sacred geometry was our pride, our downfall” possibly meaning that the satan figure ruined physics.they made it so everything was confusing, a downfall. What appears above the horns of the satan figure is a shape, much like the one ida has in her hat.she returns them to the marks, as once they are all returned forgiveness is the end of level 10, ida turns into a dove, doves are usually tied to Christianity. The people (crows) are turned into birds of pride and color, because they are forgiven. Not trapped in the body of a crow, usually tied to death. Ida also gets a crown, meaning she became some sort of ruler. I think you can get it from there, she becomes an angel ,instead of a crow, or in other words, a demon. Whelp! That’s it! Hope you like my theory as much as I like monument Valey!

Beautiful and fantastic


This is the most innovative and immersive puzzle game I’ve ever played. Very clever and well designed. It was like taking a stroll through a virtual, well-designed labyrinth. Bravo!

Fun, Exiting, And Gravity Defying Puzzles!


This Game Is Great And Fun Because , Unlike Reality , You Can Go UPSIDE DOWN, SIDE GRAVITY, or Just Plain Normal. But.. You Might End Up Right Where You Were 30 Minutes Ago.. From Talking To Ghost To Being Claimed As A Princess, Making Crows Squack! Or Just Defying The Rules Of LIFE! Make Sure To Play This Illusionary Game Of The Mind! (Available For Free On Apple Arcade)



Lovely and enchanting. This game makes you think and gives you pretty visuals to look at while you’re thinking. Challenging and fun, one of the best games on the App Store.