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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Way too short


Downloaded this game last night. Not worth the price tag for a game that lasts an hour and then asks for more money for probably another 45 minutes. Puzzles were far too simple, the last level was the only somewhat enjoyable one that sparked thought. Game should be free


Alen Rio

OMG this game is super good it stretches your Brian Alot i Love it

Stunningly beautiful and challenging game, but bearable by all.

Vegan Nanny

I loved this game so much. It’s more than a game. It’s a story, it’s an animated film, it’s an emotional art piece, it’s a soundtrack. I’ve never written an app review and I don’t really know what else to say..... This lovely game is absolutely worth the money, as is the 8 level add-on and Monument Valley 2.

I love this game ?


It’s so beautiful to play through and I love that it has a story to it. Great job to everyone involved in this :D

So good you will die if you don’t play


I had this game once but never finished an in crossy road your character it had download on your bird character every time I died so I downloaded and I had so much fun I finished in 2 days and the game made my brain think and I loved it if you like puzzles and great store you should download today



I’m so stunned that I’m speechless

As a retired elementary teacher this is the best,


No violence, just logical thinking !!

Most amazing


this and moument valley 2 are the most amazing apps i have ever played NO COMPLANTS.

Great game but..bit too easy


It was really great and I enjoyed it as much as version 1, but...I finished it at one night... it was too easy.. wish it was harder.

Too short..


The game was the same great art and concept, but there was not enough levels and the levels were not as hard as the first game.