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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

I loved it actually


I bought the bundle and loved the games but I definitely thought that there could’ve been a few more levels to them or include other worlds into it even if they don’t go into the story line. And I also feel there were some glitches with the sliders and etc on some of the levels. I binged on these games and loved it tho good job!!



Absolutely love the challenge and look of this incredible puzzle adventure game. I can play over and over, the graphics just keep my mind captured in this game. I’ve played through both one and two, including the add on, and I still want more! Would be delighted if Monument Valley 3 came out or even more add-ons so I can keep playing one of my favorite games.

Bugfix breaks game for IOS8


The bugfix for Forgotten Shores will make the game no longer load on IOS 8 devices. I had an old version saved in my iTunes library so put that back and now the game works. I haven't played through Forgoten Shores, but having all of the first levels working is important. Would be at leasst 4 stars if working completely. Fun puzzle game.

Perfection ♡ ♡ ♡


Both Monument Valley 1 and 2 are my favorite games of all time. The art style and the story are absolutely amazing and the music goes perfectly with each level. I would recommend these games to anybody because they truly are stunning games with an amazing story. I literally cannot describe how much I love these games. I literally had to keep myself from playing them all at once because I didn’t want to waste it all and not appreciate the beauty of these games. Believe me, they’re worth every penny.



This game only gives you 11 levels!!! For $4 I would think there would be more!!! DO NOT BUY!! Even though this game is so cool, you should get more for your money!!!


Dav Pilkey (fake)

Too beautiful to put in words

Amazingly beautiful!


Beautiful in every way, the art is gorgeous and the story is intriguing and interesting. The puzzle have the perfect amount of difficulty, making you think but not hard enough to get frustrated. Wonderful game but my only wish would be that it was a little longer since I finished it pretty quickly.

Best game on the app store.


There aren’t many apps on the App Store that I get super excited about. This is one of them. When 2 came out I just had to have it. Beautifully designed. Even the music is amazing (I use it to focus when I’m working). Great job team.

Deseo mas


Me encanta Monument Valley 1 y 2 pero siento que es muy corto me quede con ganas de mas.. please more!!!