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** Apple Game of the Year 2014 **
Category Price Seller Device
Games $3.99 ustwo Games Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

** Winner of Apple Design Award 2014 **

In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.

Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People.

"Forgotten Shores": Eight new chapters of adventure and illusion available now as a separate purchase.


"This might be the most beautiful iPad game of 2014" - Wired

"Brilliant design... stayed with me like a dream I didn't want to forget" 9/10 - Polygon

"The most sublime hour my iPad has ever given me... and the value of such a thing is incalculable" - Kotaku

"Monument Valley stuns with it's serenity... each screen is a work of art" - Huffington Post

"Almost impossibly gorgeous... a feast for your senses" 5/5 - Touch Arcade



Inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions and palaces and temples from around the world, every monument is a unique, hand-crafted world to explore.


Twist and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to explore. Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete.


Audio reacts to your manipulation of the world to provide a surreal and beautiful soundscape. Best experienced with headphones.


Synchronize your game across all your devices.

** Monument Valley is designed for iPhone 4 and above. It is NOT compatible with iPod Touch 4th Generation.


I love this game!

I haven’t downloaded this game yet, as a matter of fact it’s loading right now, but I have played it on my iPad. It have great graphics and its levels are really fun! I do wish that they were harder though so it took longer to complete. However, it is an amazing game if you love illusions and I would definitely recommend.

Overhyped Millennial Crap
This one time...

Monument Valley felt like it was trying to make a point, like look at me, look at how cool I am. For a puzzle game, the gameplay was average, graphics decent, story??? This game didn’t live up to they hype for me. I would give it more stars if there was more humble and less brag.

I’ve enjoyed Monument Valley One and Two

The biggest problem I have with this game as I go through the puzzles too fast. And that’s not because they’re simple... but because I can’t stop playing. They are fascinating, and addictive.

Beautiful but easy. I paid how much??
Friend of the pod.

Gorgeous game but I finished it expecting more levels or something else to happen. Turns out, nope end of game. Why is this so expensive?! I got more use out of temple run! But, still fun and beautiful! I just think it could have more for cost.


How in the heck is this game do pretty like oml I love the look, it is simple, relaxing, pretty, and the sounds, I love this game

Best. Game. Ever.
Lily DeLaPena

I love this game so much. The puzzles are just the right amount of confusing that anyone can play and get through it but you must think first. Even when it is frustratingly confusing, the graphics and sound help to calm you down and think of another way. The game is very creative, and there are barely any words, so you must figure it out for yourself what is going on and find meaning in it. It is short, but forgotten shores is totally worth it and adds eight chapters! The only game better than Monument Valley is MVII (Monument Valley 2).


Some people are stupid enough not to pay attention to the storyline of Ida and her quest to right the wrongs of her past. But if you are not ignorant and enjoy a beautiful aesthetically pleasuring game that take simple concepts and challenges you then this is the perfect game. Its extremely artistic and i have played through it several times. I love Ida and the ending to this game is satisfying and again, beautiful. This game is relaxing and great to play in your free time it was definitely worth the couple dollars. People are entitled to their opinions of this game but I truly believe that if you dislike this game so much you are ignoring the most important parts of it and not taking the time to appreciate the craftsmanship of the game. This game is not meant to be rushed and if you look at this as only a puzzle to solve you will not be satisfied. Travel along with Ida in her journey and enjoy the ride.

too easy
Pourya Pouzesh

It is toooo easy. Each level 1 minute 😕

Love it
Super sparkle kitty3

This game is down right lovely the visuals and underlying story here is fantastic! Though I do have one major question: When is the next game coming out?!

like mama

Not to impressed yet, but it is interesting. If you want to see a game that is beautiful, touching and works your mind then you need to download-Old Mans Journey. I'm not giving up on Monument Valley yet. I'm glad these types of games exist. They are much better than fast paced, arcade type. This game grows on you, worth paying for!