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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd


S.L.O.W to load

This game is visually stunning it like playing with an MC Escher drawing. I didn't stop until I beat all the levels. Now please make more, game makers. ?

Such a great Game


My only complaint is that there aren't more levels!

Great app, could be better


I think that it it a great app and I got all of the in app purchases, but the game really is quite expensive for the amount of levels. To keep people buying, you should make a bunch of small episodes (maybe the story of the crow people?) for at most 99¢

Not that great


It is a pretty game visually but was boring for me after a few levels. It just wasn't the game for me. The reviews make it sound like it is a simply amazing game. I find it so-so. Not sure why it is listed as an essential game. It is an okay game, just not one of the greatest I have ever played.



Best experience on my iPhone. Played again and again. Every aspect of this app is designed with care and passion. If you're on th fence, get it. You're missing out.

Great game.


One of my top five games.

A good puzzle game

Alaska <3s it

I LOVED the puzzles in this game, but it's so short! Especially for a game that cost me 4$. So more levels would be handy if you're good at puzzle games. If not, HAVE FUN!

Latest Version Not Compatible with iOS 6


Latest Version Not Compatible with iOS 6