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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Great! ….but too short


My 13yo daughter and I both got the app. We completed all the levels, and bonus levels, in one sitting. After paying for the app & extra levels, we kind of feel cheated and expected a longer gameplay. For the price, I do feel there should have been more new puzzles rather than having to repeat the puzzles over and over. The game itself is beautiful and pleasing on the eyes. Each level offers challenge’s to figure out using deduction, perspective and puzzle solving. I really did enjoy my time playing it, it was well done …..just too short for the price. Maybe offer a daily puzzle or something? For now, we will just delete the completed app and find something with more continuous play. Not sure I want to buy the other apps if they will be just as short.

Only one question...


When do we get more games like this?!?



This is the best thing that has ever happened to my iPhone. Played both twice. Starting a 3rd. Highly recommend. Lots of imitation out there but this is the best. You won’t be disappointed. Ready for the next level. Monument valley III. Please.

favorite game of all time

the evergoblin

this game is so good it genuinely ruined puzzle games for me lol. monument valley 2 was even better!! it’s a relaxing but challenging game and playing it makes all my stress melt away. as someone with anxiety, this game really helps with that. no many how many times i play i can never get sick of this game. maybe it’s because i have garbage memory...either way, i’d definitely recommend both this, the sequel, and extra 8 levels. they’re worth their value and more to me.

Too Short and Easy

Gamer 2.758626

This game would be great if there gameplay wasn’t forty five minutes long and the levels weren’t super easy. It looks fun but it costs way too much and is super short. Don’t buy. The only good thing about this game is that’s there are some cool optical illusions.

puzzles are too simple


To me it was a waste of $4. Sweet little game but the puzzles are way too easy. Once you get how it works, there is very little mystery. I was looking to engage my brain and that didnt happen. Gorgeous design, yes, but i dont want to pay for that.

This is the best!


Amazing! This tells a story of a girl and generations of girls that take a rough path to growing up. In the second Monument Valley it continues the generation when the girl in Monument Valley (this one) has her daughter take her path.

Just blows my mind


Love this game's my favorite & I don't have many favorites but this one was sooooo beautifully done & love the music..hoping to see ALOT more of love love this game & the puzzles are so subtle & peaceful..Thank You for such an ENJOYABLE game..I will be playing this over & over bc it’s just peaceful relaxing



The details in this are some amazing! In chapter four(my personal favorite) the fish and the shadows on the water are just so cool and awesome! I totally recommend this game because the levels are just beautiful and it helps me relax! ?????

Kinda hard....


So I love this game, it’s absolutely beautiful. My only complaint is that there aren’t any directions or hints, I’m stuck on the totem people level and I can’t get past it.