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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Love it

Ally and Ava

Overall I actually love this game it really helps me calm my anxiety and it calms my hyper ness down it makes me relax and I can’t sleep with out calming down mind I’m a 15 year old with adhd and anxiety I’m saying this game is great and would buy I can’t wait to buy the next game Ik there’s only 10 levels but really worth it honestly I play it over and over and the story’s just cool part the music is amazing and the games fun 10/10 would recommend

Great game but ripoff

User 122409

The game itself is great, but I feel as though having to pay $4 for a game with only 10 levels is a ripoff. Finished the game in a couple hours.

Beautiful Game, fabulous ending.


Would highly recommend. This is an authentic review. I loved the game. The princess is so cute and hard working on her journey. Walking everywhere you tell her to go. Facing the challenges, she overcomes!!! It's great. Keep at it. Take breaks and look at things a new way.

The game stop working and suddenly quit during the game

Pooya mah

I dont know where is the problem but I can not complete the levels. All time during the Fame it stoped and suddenly window gone!

I beat it in 2 hours


If you are comfortable paying $4 for 2 hours of moderately challenging puzzles then this is for you.

Not puzzling


This a beautiful game that is neither puzzling nor challenging. I see that it it's for ages 4+. Hopefully this game teaches children about spatial awareness. It's a shame that there are not better uses of the MC Escher illusions to create harder and more puzzling situations that would really challenge a person to think beyond the immediate dimensional basics.



The game itself was brilliant and I enjoyed it but it ended so abruptly. From start to finish took about an hour and then the game ended. Disappointed for how brief it lasted.

Fun but...

Bree Jewell

It was beautiful and fun while it lasted. I beat the whole game in 1-2 hours which is kind of disappointing considering how much I paid for it.

I’m confused


I played the first puzzle when it first came out and loved it. Now I’m totally confused on the Second Puzzle?!? Could you please let me know how many levels their are? I need to know because I’m done ✅ playing BUT it’s only been about an hour of play time. PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I am not sitting here thinking I’m going crazy. I love the game yet this one isn’t as challenging as the first one. Nevertheless I just need to know the level numbers by the developers or someone else who played. Thank you very much.

So jealous...

Whit G

...that I didn’t create this game. Brilliant on so many levels. Truly a work of art.