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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Excellent game

Leo Kneupper

Very relaxing and engaging.

Got while free


I feel bad for anyone that spent money on this. Very simple. Super easy. Finished in 10 minutes.

Amazing game, however, very short


This game is beautiful and very well thought. Enjoyed the complexity at times. However, I do not think it is worth $3.99 because it is way too short, can finish it in 2hrs.

So beautiful that I felt tears in my eyes, yet so fun that I couldn’t stop playing

best to do list app

Absolutely amazing. I’d recommend this series to anyone looking to be taken away for a bit



On chapter 8 it became useless because it froze and noting I do will unfreeze it. Waste of time and money.

A beautiful game


This game is both beautiful, and intriguing. It’s such a relaxing game, I’m always sad when it’s over!

Make a third one 😑!!!!



Monument valley 2


It is such a pan amazing and beautiful game. It is super calming and I love it.

I’ve fallen in love with this game.


I cannot tell you how much sentiment I have for this game. It’s so beautiful. From the music to the world concept. You can tell that hard work was put into this. Everything fits perfectly all together and makes beautiful sceneries that will forever impact me. Yes, it’s just a game, but the experience is priceless. I have to thank the creators for impacting my life and inspiring me to make beautiful art like this. I’m playing monument valley 2 at the moment and they both are admirable. Again, thank you for creating this game.

Not worth it


The design is cool and all but the puzzles take very little effort for anyone over the age of 6, the price does not live up to the hour of gameplay there is

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