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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

It won’t load

L. Virginia

It won’t load and I want to play it soooo bad 😭😭😭😭 but I can wait 🤗



For a paid app, this should be so much more! I would think it would last more than the minutes it took me to get through it. Really?! 8 quick puzzles? A nonsensical poem/riddle/storyline. I’m super disappointed in both 1 and 2 being so short and somewhat predictable. Three stars for being Creative, Dimensional, and Pretty.

Too Short


The game is beautiful and peaceful and I imagined it would be good and easy to zen out with. But it was entirely too easy and short. Not worth the cost.

Best game ever


I love this game. I played it in 1 week. The only thing that MUST be changed is the quantity of the levels. There must be more of this awesome stuff that the creator made. Like maybe a part 3?



Late to the party here, but really enjoyed this gem. It’s the archetype of a mobile game. Might even say it’s a masterpiece.

I loved it 😭😭😭

Andy Dagamer

I can't stop crying when the tower block wanted to be friends forever and sinked,I'm glad he's back though 😢

Haters just hate

Luna Lunita Lunera

“Beautiful & peaceful” is a great way to explain the imagery in this simplistic puzzle game. The color scheme is soothing but not muted to the point there is no visual interest. It reminds me of a colorful Bridges (for those who’ve played that monochromatic puzzle game). The puzzles themselves get progressively challenging but they are still quite simple so you will never feel like pulling your hair out, quitting the game or viewing a walkthrough to find your way through. I enjoyed the bonus level originally created for charity. Included was a message encouraging donating to a charity you hold dear. It feels good to support kindhearted people.

Great, but lacking in challenge & overpriced for content


I love this game, I have to say. I really do. Let me emphasize the creators clearly put a lot of time and effort into the look and feel of this game. The artistry is incredible, unbelievably beautiful for a puzzle game. BUT, I nearly always knew where to go, what to do, what pieces to move. This needs to be much more challenging!! In addition, this game (Though I realize the time and effort put into the look and feel of the game...) is incredibly overpriced for the very few levels (Chapters) and small additional add levels to this game. Come on’ve got to take down the price by at least half.

Too expensive for only 10 levels


I never would have bought this game if I had known I’d finish it in 2 days with minimal play time. It was fun, but at that price, definitely not worth the money.

Aesthetic but boring


Amazing environment, boring plot and puzzles