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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Really good game - too short


It is a really good “smart” game which activates your neurons. Too bad it is so short, I have finished it in a couple of hours.


P!$$€D off

I was seriously addicted to this game. BUT! It needs more levels. Please make more!!

Best game I’ve ever downloaded


I’m not one to usually pay for games, but I spent money on this one based on reviews and ended up getting the sequel and the game pack within the game. By far the beat game I’ve ever downloaded. Interesting, intriguing, fun, sweet, beautiful music and illustrations, sooo worth it.

This was my favorite game of all time


Until I learned that the company was anti-union. :(

great game but


Devs are anti-union

Turns out you can make great games if you treat your employees badly


Anti-union game developer. Fires workers for trying to organize and promote diversity.

not worth it


loved the aesthetic of this game but was very sad to hear that the company participates in union busting and firing employees seeking better working conditions

Lovely little game


Hateful anti-union bosses. Avoid.

Beautiful but Easy


So cool! I just wish it were more difficult.



This is my first review because I have never cared enough to write a review about any game. I discovered this game because I was watching the tv show house of cards and I saw it on there and said that I would give it a try. Once I realized it cost money I decided not to buy it. A few months later I really wanted to get a new game and remembered Monument Valley and chose to spend the $4. This is easily the best game I have ever own and it is almost 6 years old. I highly recommend this game to anybody reading no matter what year it is. I will certainly be buying Monument Valley 2.

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