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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Not challenging enough


Literally 10 levels for a paid game. I finished the game in 2 days even though I played for a very little time each day. Money in the drain.

Takes two hours to solve

Purdue Rules

This game has ten levels. They are fun but not that difficult to solve. Solid 2 hours completed the levels. This is extremely short, very easy puzzle game.

Beautiful app


Monument Valley is one of my all-time favorite apps, and I think anyone with a big imagination and a long attention span will find this game astounding. The graphics are breathtaking, the music whimsical, and the player, Ida, simply adorable. This app is not just a game, but a vision. A beautiful world of geometry and mazes you will find yourself locked in. You will be lost in the mystical world that Monument Valley creates, and I highly recommend this app.

Art, Not Gamecraft


Selling this as a game is really almost an insult to what is essentially an interactive work of art. I just finished chapter VIII and I was utterly delighted with each new development. Amazing.

Loved the story


I read a review complaining about the story and just want to balance the thing. I believe the story is more deep that it seems at first sight. It talks about redemption, a story after a story.

Graphics and Storyline on POINTTT


Right off the bat, just look at the app preview pictures. The graphics and colors are vividly on point. When you first open the app, the home page is very beautiful and calming. This is a puzzle game, so you do a lot of puzzles, with a wonderful quiet storyline tagging along. I have played the main game, Ida’s Dream and Forgotten Shores all in about 2 days. I am so excited to play MV2! Edit: I finished MV1&2 in about 3 days

My favorite game on iPhone


The puzzles are amazing, mind bending, and just incredibly fun. The "story" is great, it's very subtle but also sad and mysterious. 11/10 Can't write a good review but the game is awesome



The best game I’ve ever played.a beautiful design and concept.there are 10 levels that will amaze you in their creativity of wondrous worlds.

Wholly satisfying from start to finish


This game combines artful visuals and beautiful music into the perfectly relaxing backdrop to puzzles that are challenging without being frustrating. Highly recommend for anyone looking to chill and still engage their mind in something wholly aesthetically on point. Just enough lore and story sprinkled in to make it feel multi-dimensional and enigmatic.

Not Nearly Enough Gameplay


I really thought that they would learn from their mistake in the original Monument Valley and add more actual gameplay. Surprise! There’s even less in MV2! If you are just trying to sit back and enjoy it, it might take you an hour to complete. Extremely disappointed.