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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Today's update causes app to crash


This is my favorite iOS game and now I can't play it because the update from today 12/22/20 causes the app to crash as soon as it's opened.

My favorite game


I’ve played this game (and monument valley 2) for a few years now, and I continue to feel it is unmatched, even when I search for more like it. The music, the quality of the art, the peacefulness it brings in every move while also stimulating your visual-spatial skills is just remarkable. I continue to hope for more stories to come so I can play more levels. Thank you to the creators.

Love it

Venus Pig Goat

I can’t believe that 8 year old me downloaded this on my super old Amazon tablet when everything was free. Earliest I’ve ever been. Love the game.

Recent update causes crash


The December 22 update has completely crashed the app. I can no longer open it. Very sad.



The app doesn’t even open ?

Wont load, crashes


This game opens to the first screen and as soon as it shows “loading” it closes down

It’s amazing and unforgettable


It’s amazing and unforgettable

This game caused me to scream and my friends to laugh at me

A Truthul Reviewer

The story is really deep when you look into it and the graphics are beautiful but I don’t like that I got bullied ghosts. Also WHY GO TO TOMB TO PUT FLOWER FOR BULLY GHOST WOMAN?! Also NO GRAVITY

app won’t open


i just paid 3.99 for this game and it won’t open. what a waste of money and a bummer.

App crashes with new update


Won’t load past initial screen.