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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC



every time i click something on this app fir my alexa dot it pops up with an error please fix this

Echo auto


Worked very well with my old android phone played my music played my games. The moment I got a new phone it stopped working half way! “Alexa play my music”. She reply’s her usual. Then no music ever starts…. Or “Alexa play knight manger”. She replies that it is being opened and it never starts…. Useless

2 nd generation

Nikki 6273

Out of no where 5 months ago my volume went down and I’m can’t HEAR any reminders unless I remember to physically turn up the volume daily! Very dissatisfied and now there is no point in having it

Amazon echo dot setup


I tried to set up my echo dot then I tried to connect it to the Wifi and it said my wifi password had to be 8 digits and my wifi password isn’t 8 digits that need to be fixed other the that it’s good


ryan d bomb

The devise won’t stop music when I tell it to, even when I get the tone that says it heard me.

Terrible voice recognition

Taal raj

Voice recognition needs overhaul



The best innovation sense cell phone.

Having fun learning to use Alexa

US/Peru Citizen

Lots of features I did not know about. This is just awesome from a girl of my generation.



I can’t link up Alexa. You give me a new password and then tell me it’s wrong!!!



Too much static …had to end call because of it.