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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

Meh, very disappointing


This Alexa app is very SLOW. I usually have to tap the app twice for it to open. And it takes FOREVER to load. I almost hate this app, I rather speak to Alexa but I PREFER to use the app, but this app NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Disappointing for such a huge company.

Fun fun fun


Building my smart home by adding more and more smart devices and integrating them with Alexa. So much fun and makes our lives easier and safer.

Doesn’t connect properly


I could turn of the lights with a vocal command on the Alexa app but can’t turn off lights with same command with alexa echo keeps saying bedroom doesn’t support that

So many devices


I have devices I have upgraded and no longer have but there seems to be absolutely no way to delete them in the app. The instructions online tell you how to do so, I’m not an idiot… but there is no “settings” or “delete” when I select the device. Just a list of stuff about it that I can do nothing with. It’s stupid. I would like to be able to see devices that I currently own. Not devices I had 6 years ago that I no longer even have possession of. Why isn’t there just an icon to delete it? It’s frustrating and cumbersome.

Just not user friendly on an iPhone


Sometimes it will pull up the album cover of the music you requested and then sits there frozen without playing anything. Trying to find the list of artists or albums you previously played is a complete adventure. The Home screen has no clear button or icon to show you how to find prior playlists. Half the iPhone screen it taken up with other annoying advertisements or suggestions on how to use some other Amazon feature. It’s great having millions of songs at your fingertips but the Alexa app is like trying to use your fingertips in welder’s gloves



Keeps messing up all the time. Amazon sent a “new one” and turns out it was a refurbished one. Thanks Amazon!

Echo show


Very hard to add or figure out how to add apps to my new echo show.

Crazy Talk


All I ask her to do is play The Very Thought of You on a group, and I get a book review. Alexa is past her prime it seems.

Home Screen


Rarely stays where you set it. Thousands of people report that it turns wavy blue and instead of admitting there is a tech problem, Amazon says, “sorry that you’re having trouble on your Alexa device. Blue screen is ugly and you can’t read the clock

can’t find top code


can’t find OTP CODE