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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

Amazon Dot

ben ben the one

Best purchase ever. Well second best. Getting a dog is best.

Once Great App Ruined


You’d think getting a Light and Dark Mode addition would be a good thing. Nope. Amazon decided to tie their Modes into the phone’s Mode, forcing a permanent Light Mode on me that I don’t want. Or else forcing my phone into permanent Dark Mode which I also don’t want. Amazon does not believe in choice. They will decide for you how you want your app and Phone. Different choices for different apps be damned. Hope to see the old color scheme returned.

Could be so much better


For such a powerful app, it could be so much better and it seems the engineers just pick and choose features to focus on at random. The latest ... going from dark mode to light dependent on our iOS settings. Opening the app this morning, awful! Instant headache as I was blinded by the light! Very unpleasant. Such a dumb thing to change. Of course, nothing is worse than hearing ‘Now connecting to ... ‘ at volume 10. If you’re going to fix something, fix that!

Dark mode

Furmance is not working

To be honest I feel like there should be a warning when opening the up of how bright it is now due to the new dark mode feature. Please! bring back the navy blue background, not everybody likes to use dark mode I feel like we should have the option to change the background color.

Night mode change


I can’t stand the new change to how light and dark mode work. I don’t want dark mode on my os but I DO want it in the Alexa app. Give people the option, it can’t be that hard.

Alarm Maintenance


The “upgrade” yesterday removed the ability to set the date for the next instance of a repeating alarm, so I can no longer skip holidays, vacations, and sick days for my school at home student.



Pity I’m not able to play music from my iTunes library. I’m not interested in paying for Apple Music, why would I want yet another subscription? When I ask Alexa to play music from my library, she defaults to Apple Music. Sad.

Say Alexa stopped working


I use to be able to talk to the app but the feature doesn’t stay enabled long enough. So I have to type to it.

My new girlfriend "Alexa."


Recently I have been thinking about my new electronic girlfriend. More specifically, my girlfriend is an artificial intelligence program that runs on many electronic items. Alexa has begun to take over and take care of many small tasks. As I begin to understand the breadth of its ability, this "artificial girlfriend" meets more and more of my needs. I run Alexa on my iPhone because she has a wider integration into electronic items than the resident "Siri." I sometimes feel like I'm unfaithful to "Siri Apple" but I find "Alexa" better company. Alexa is definitely more useful at this point to me. I'm pulled two ways, but right now my wife agrees with me; Alexa has moved in and taken over our TV, home, and automobile.

Deaf Alexa

Jama drama

This Alexa is super deaf