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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

Please go back to blue -grey background


Please go back to blue-grey background. Hate the white! Not changing my entire phone to dark mode setting to get rid of it.


wont let give a bad review

Worked great for about a year then started shutting off stalling and it has to be reset every couple of hours . This is frustrating and I do not recommend it . It was not cheap and in my opinion a waste of money.

Hard to combine the whole family’s accounts


Some times it just doesn’t listen, plus I hate that it is hard to combine accounts like mine and my husbands pandora account or other stuff like that.

No drop in available


My drop in is not working on any of my Alexa‘s and nobody seems to be able to fix it, very unhappy with this. It was working two weeks ago.

No me aparece el (mas) donde se configura todo y no tengo como configurar mi Alexa


Me acaba de llegar Alexa echo dot 4ta generación y al abrir la app no me aparece la barra abajo con el “+mas” donde se configura, tengo mi celular actualizado y la app también, ya no se que hacer para poder configurar a mi Alexa

Leary at first


In the beginning, my wife bought the Echo Studio for me for Christmas. Honestly I have always been a little scared of a devise listening to all we said. However, we set it up in the living room and soon my attitude toward it changed. It has become our “go to” for weather and music. We also use it for looking up things of interest. Recently, I got the Echo Dot for the bedroom and it has become the alarm, day/date, music, and weather devise there as well. Just started exploring all the combined pair can do. Pretty amazing!! I highly recommend any of the Alexa devises. Get two or more and connect your whole house.

Bring back dark blue theme


New light/dark mode is ugly

Two locations

Slow solo traveler

I have 4 Echo devices in 2 locations, running on two disparate WiFi networks. Each site has 1 main Echo device that serves a studio apartment and one Echo dot in the bathrooms at each site. The new round devices are in the second site. It appears that there are problems with Alexa discriminating between devices in the two networks and I regularly have to go to the app to play my regularly requested from Tune In, particularly from the new large round Echo device. Also, this device often cannot discern my whispering voice or answers without whispering, even when I reactivate whisper mode over and over. I do, generally, like having Alexa at my beck and call. Since music is not my major usage, I cannot testify how the new round device operates. I definitely like the look: I have the dusty blue. But I think there is tweaking required to the new devices too get their voice responses operating at the same level I have with my second generation column Echo device. I still have much to learn and more skills to activate at my second site, which I will continue to do.


captian soggy

Love it