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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

Please let me pick a song without talking.


If you’ve ever been in a crowded room and tried to use your Alexa, you have to bend down by the machine or do something really stupid like getting everybody at the party to be quiet so that you can get the echo to play exactly what you wanted to play. It would be nice to be able to do this from within the Alexa app. But no. You have to go to the Amazon unlimited app and add it to your music and then wait for a while before it shows up in the Alexa app and then from within your phone you can play the song. It’s not always convenient to use your voice. Sometimes you don’t just want to keep saying Alexa over and over again. Where the heck is the volume? And when you do get around to finding it why is it so small? Developers, simplify this thing where you have a search bar where you can actually type artist or song and it will pull up the artist and the song and then you can select it and play it on one or more of your connected devices. How hard can that possibly be?

Wait for Apple to catch up


Bought a few Echos for the house, they’re crap. Good for playing Amazon music stations and that’s about it. Constant battle of the echos disconnecting after trying to listen to music, videos, and/or podcasts over the phone....then reregistering the echos after disconnecting them from bluethooth. Don’t waist your money, use Amazon to order stuff and wait for Apple to actually make things that work in the next year or so. Also, the App, who designed this? I fly planes for a living, if I flew like you designed apps I would be a smoldering pile of metal in the side of a mountain. #amateurhour

Terrible app experience


I have five Echos devices and two Alexa-enabled thermostats... This app is pure garbage. With my thousands invested in my smart home, this app is by far the worst part. Good thing I've made sure that my devices are all homekit compatible. Thank goodness for Apple.

Can’t set alarms

A man who wants to sleep

I can’t set alarms from the app. The scrolling freezes every time I try. This app is hot garbage.

New Smart Home Features Horrible

Ray Ornelas

The smartphone section is completely useless, if not outrageously horrible! It was already annoying before the update, that whenever changes to your devices were made you had to forget and rerun the skill. But now, that feature that I thought would get better it had been removed, is actually gone, but in fact made things worse! Now, I have a list of different light bulbs that were named one thing at one point but changed and a full listing of duplicates that I have no idea which light is actually the correct one. Fix your app


Danilo amaral

This app doesn’t work. I bought my echo and cannot even install it. It should be an embarrassment for Amazon let this continue this way. I feel ripped off!

Awkward UI


The awkward menu design is terrible. The Home button/screen takes me to nothing of interest or use. The smart home menu and the settings menu are the two that I need most and they are found within another menu and oddly laid out when you get into each. Please improve this app as I am forced to use it to configure and manage my smart home devices.



Amazing. That’s all I have to say.

Delete and reinstall


It just gets old.

Voice Training Setup Broken

Editing Name

The “Your Voice” section of the app isn’t working. Once I hit “Begin,” I select my device, Alexa tells me to hit next within the app, but the next button isn’t there. Please fix.