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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC



This is Gary Bowman… Definitely enjoying my Amazon Alexa prime music. I’m a little confused as to why I cannot get some songs. My daughter has the same service and gets songs that I cannot get for example… In the garden from Van Morrison

Works great


Very user friendly to setup and it works better than advertised. Additionally the mobile app is easy to understand and maneuver. The on-line instructions are even easier to understand.

Does not work on iPad


Alexa Communications stopped working on my IPad

Keeps crashing


Every single time I try to open this app. It crashes about 2 more times before I can operate it.

Alexa app and ecco dot.


Ihave been useing and testing alexa. I have not been disappointed! Fast, response when I say, do something or switching webb pages, Instantly, and almost seemless.

Amazon is not helpful

Disorganized orginization

********important********* Third party sellers operate different from Amazon. If you have an issue or need Amazon will not help except to call on your behalf. They say they take the feedback but I highly doubt that. Because of this I am phasing out Amazon Alexa at home and eliminating shopping with Amazon. Prob switch to Siri. Update: still no help. I’m out $200+ because of Amazon and because of that I will not be buying anything from Amazon. After a bit of research I found Siri is the most responsive so I am switching to Siri for room control. Must not have the bloatware that Alexa uses.

Good but…


There was this problem that it won’t listen to me or play something different other wise it’s good

Not great as dreaded


Using it to read books from iPhone. There is no sleep option in X minutes. Also, doesn’t always pick up from where it left off.



Pienso que 5 estrellas son muy pocas si fueran 100 o más seria mejor Gracias bendiciones

It doesn’t work


The echo show device hates me