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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

Nice no issues at all wish it was louder

nina fobbs

Nice little system



Alexa is terrible about keeping timers. She drops even a 30 minute timer. I depend on her and she doesn’t come through. Alexa also starts to talk when nothing is being said. She asked gives wrong answers.

Too much info, crowded home page

JackDH 1357

Need to clean up and simplify everything. Need links to videos on how to do things if we want to find some out. Training videos, not information al videos that tell me about features I can never figure out how to use.

Music doesn't play


All is fine according to the app but Alexa will not actually play music- just started. Amazon Echo Plus.

Light/Dark Mode


This latest update that defaults the display to the phone device setting in light/dark mode is awful. Make the display setting manually adjustable.




Alexa Has Selective Hearing

Tired of answering troll calls

Half the time she does not listen to my commands. It gets really old when timers don’t get set in the kitchen.

No more


Stopped working

Annoying at best


Updated my Amazon Alexa app on my iPhone and now it does not respond to anything I ask it. Lights up when spoken to but Will not play requested music, or answer questions etc. better off using a regular speaker

Can’t set it up


Unplugged it to move it & now I cannot get it to answer me