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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC


at gsyjde

I love Alexa it is so much fun and she keeps me company

No thanks


Screen freezes and Alexa does not respond

So far behind the functions of an iPhone

tim knu23

Not intuitive at all. Difficult to open apps and features. Very frustrating. Bought 4 Amazon echos and they don’t even work to allow me to search on Amazon music (their own app). Not app based. Basically annoying.



My lights won’t turn on I can’t change the color it randomly flickers I don’t know just if your reading this fix it


bugga Ong

Sometimes she’s a pain in the butt and doesn’t listen, but most times she gives me everything I want. I’m always in control and my needs come first. Thank you, Alexa.

Fix the Apple Music plzzzzzz

isaac hage

Keeps saying my account is not connected. There needs to be a interface with my playlist so that I can scroll through all my songs and get the next one to play instead of telling Alexa every time I want a new song or typing it in.



Choosing between speakers is Ridiculous. Get it together.

Only useful for setup


The app is trash when trying to control your devices. The only time it is useful is when setting up a new device, after that its pretty useless. Any settings you set up are gonna be either wrong or it wont do anything at all.

Glitchy on my iPhone 13 pro max


Crashes every single time I open it. Never once has it just opened.


A Dark Room Lover

I am h