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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

I love my Alexia!!!!!


I don’t know what I would do without it!

Why does it cut off so much


I could only list to about 4 to 5 songs then it turns off. It’s always says that I’m not connected to Amazon?

Always Issues


Jeff Bezos would be a lot richer if he would. Just forget it. Hire decent developers.

Works well with good features


I think there’s still room for improvement, mostly with the interface and cleaning up the user inaction.

User friendly..


It’s so easy to install and fast in syncing all devices.. love



Outstanding hardware and software. Using lights, doorbell,tv,etc. Recommend highly

Crashes 33% of the time.


On both my iPhone 12 and my current gen iPad it crashes one out of every three times I attempt to open it. Not a bad rate for slap together junk apps programmed in a basement in the third world but for a company with the fourth highest liquidity on the planet, it is an embarrassment.

Alexa app is unreliable


The app is crap and completely unreliable. I’ve spent hours setting up routines to turn my two Sengled Bluetooth bulbs on and off, and then chatting or talking with Amazon customer service to fix. They’ll work for a day or two, then don’t turn off and are unresponsive. The app says the lights are off, but they’re on. I can’t turn them off with the Echo Dots, either. So much for “smart” home devices. I’m going back to plug-in timers. As other reviewers have noted, I can’t access my Alexa shopping list in the store (settings are fine). Useless.


lin mamaof3

Kids love listening to music setting alarm for school it’s a great way for them to feel independent and responsible. Also the kids setup is easy to navigate and monitor times on and off



You think Siri's bad she's got nothing on Alexa. Amazing Amazon can't advance this product with three resources they have. It can only mean one of two things: they are incompetent, they are not committed to the product.