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Amazon Alexa is free iOS app published by AMZN Mobile LLC

What has happened to this app?


I was invited years ago to buy an echo before they were offered to the public. The app at the time was solid with little need for improvement. Last spring/summer as Amazon’s quest to corner the market on this technology grew and the “show” came out the app went through a complete redesign and since has taken a trip down the toilet. This app is so unreliable with the volume, lag issues it’s almost unusable. We are an Amazon home I have a Fire Tv as well. One issue that plagues Amazon is their software. It’s awful and in most cases never ready for its debut. I would press anyone who thinks this is a over reaction to look at the reviews on the products on their website; most electronic rating hover at 50% or less because of rushed non tested software/electronics. It’s a shame but I probably will look to Apple this year to give a solid performance since the echo has become a chore to use.

Buggy, buggy

head crashing against screen

Problems syncing Alexa with Sonos causes me to reinstall the Alexa app a couple of times and now Alexa sees multiple versions of my devices and there seems to be no way of deleting the redundant ones. Even disabling the devices and deleting the app does solve the problem. Not the connectivity we customers were promised

Latest Update is Whack


The music controls from inside the app need a lot of work. If I scroll and use my finger to stop the scroll, it shouldn’t backpedal but that’s what always happens. Half of the music in “Amazon My Music” is no longer searchable within the app. I really think this app could do with some simplification. The music section should work the same way the Amazon Music app works. It felt like the app was on track but as of now it’s clunky and not super functional.

Absolutely ridiculous app


I expected better from Amazon. The app is super slow, lags, and is unresponsive! I hope they fix this as I imagine that people will be turned off to using Echo if they can’t repair this issue!

Drop in??? What happen


So ok each update seems to kill something that was working just fine. Now the Alexa app doesn't seem to find any of my contacts in my Iphone 8 plus. They were already listed before. And the app acts like I have to re register each of my dots? So now i cannot so drop in to any of my devices or to my friends as there info never shows up since the app wont find my contact list.? Holy cow. And I was a huge fan of this. Please fix, coding 101 do t break stuff make things better.



Doesn’t work on iOS 11.2 iPhone X. Is stuck on start screen asking it to allow permissions.

Can’t even use this app


I just received an Echo as a gift and I can’t even set it up. The app keeps saying “Connection has timed out” whether I’m using my phone’s 4G or WiFi. If it ever does work, I’ll hopefully be able to update my rating. But for now, I’ve received a completely unusable gift...

Great app. Needs a few up dates


I love this all. Only if it added an apple music option, and for it to be optimized for the Iphone X. Other than that it’s a great app

Alexa is dumber than a box of rocks.

queen annab

Trying to change WiFi connection and Alexa says to go to Alexa App and app wants my contact info. It’s not going to happen Bezos

UX needs work.


Can you guys please make a Native app? The current implementation makes me want to return my Echo.