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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Crash problem


I downloaded game and when I want to open game it is crashed .

I love it

Paddy Greenny

Just wanna say I love this game so much, so so much

So far so good


Great so far 5 stars. Bit early yet.

Loving this game so far! Limited P2W


So far I’m really enjoying this game. The option to battle yourself or auto battle is great, the speed at which you gain new characters is wonderful as well. I was worried this game was going to be another pay to win game and yes you can pay to become stronger but you can’t just pay your way to the top.


Phuong lee

I've played the game on phone, and i love it! When i tried playing on my Ipad gen 3 however, it wouldnt let me play. Whenever i pressed the app, it would kick me out. I can't get past the loading screen. Its a shame because i was really looking foward to playing on a larger screen. 5 stars if fixed



The bestest




Awesome game

CoolStuff 101

I saw this game in the App Store, I decided to download it and now I’m playing it every single day. Great game, very addicting. Easy to start, graphics are great, the list goes on and on.

Fantastic game concept!


Love this tactic battling game super addictive and balanced! The key ? is to keep playing!

Great game!


Great game!