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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

regular crashes


i want to like this game but it seems to crash a lot. many times it crashes on the daily message pop up. it also crashes when ever you earn a new hero durring the animation that plays. i find mysef here writing this review because i can not log in right now and have given up after 3 attemps and 3 crashes.

Fun game

No one poops but you

Nice strategy based game. I could see this being the next clash Royale

Copied from clash royale and hmm in a bad way


1, It’s completely pay to win. 2, it takes ten minutes to finish all daily quests. The rest are left in arena, where you fight all sorts of robot players. 3, no world chat Conclusion: very boring.

Fun/Addicting New Events Plz


This Game is So Fun And Addicting! I have been playing this Game Every day And now it’s my Favorite game. I haven’t experienced this in years ! Plz Keep the updates coming and add new heroes ,clan wars and other Events! Love the game Btw!

Fun game


This is game is fast paced and you need a good internet connection to play it, or it will lag and crash. The option to play solo is nice. The game gives plenty of free stuff so at least for now it's pretty competitive. It seems like a game that will add a ton of content as time passes.

Decently Fun


This game has fun gameplay and battling but the controls are really finnicky. In addition the lack of being able to replay levels for rewards is kinda sad.

More characters


I enjoy this game so far, maybe add more characters make certain card chest for rumble though.



I don’t have an option to download the new update in the App Store so I can’t play the game.

Fun Game


The game is fun for what it is

Love the game but


The game is really great I like the mechanics about the game and the part I don’t like right now is a bug saying I need to update but I do not have a update in the store so I cant play right now please fix it