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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Bugs n more bugs


The game is pretty good bugs aside. It seems there is a update every few days. Every time they say bugs r fixed n every time they r not. Again another update claiming bugs fixed.

plz add our language persian / farsi

fariborz khAAAAAN

hi gg im using steam to play this game i’m come here to say you plz plz plz add persian language 25 language 1 more ma be god blessed you we are people’s too . let’s not be tramp kind . of course most of iraniran/persian gamer knows english but play a game with your language it’s a gift. we need this gift from yours ... and our can help to this thing . BtW im give 4 star because not supported our language . and Thanks anywhy . i have good time with yours good gameplay. bye an

I never write a review but come on


I simply want to end my monthly subscription. 3 months still charging me $4.99. I dont play yur game anymore. There is no place to end, now sign up is so simple. There isnt even a help subject. Type cancel, nothing! I dont appreciate being tricked out of money...

Amazing game!!!!


I really like games where you collect characters and use them in battles but this one is the best one that I have ever played!



I love this game I rate five stars cause of the graphics of the monsters they are so cool. This game is so cool if you don’t have this game get it you will love this game!

Fun for a while


But then got repetitive and boring. Try it out.

The amount of synch cheating in the pvp arena


Makes this a title better off uninstalled. Latest update is unplayable on ipad2, load screen, game queues up, black screen, crash. Rinse and repeat.



Fun game

Fun & Addictive


Great fun. Developers built many ways to keep you coming back for more. So, you do.

Great game


Great game