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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo



It has potential to be a solid game, but like most games it has succumb to being a money grab more than anything. It becomes very apparent free players are nothing more than punching bag enjoyment for the wallet warriors. You will get paired against wallet warriors and lose. Consistently. Fun for the wallet warriors, fun for the developers taking in the cash. Not fun for anyone else.

Graphic bug


Just downloaded the game a couple days ago, and have been having tons of fun. Only issue so far that I'm having is that some monsters seem to be bugging out and showing up as just purple models of themselves with no detail at all, just all purple. I don't really know what to do to fix it and it's rather distracting honestly.

Good game


Doesn't have to p2w. Not bad in earlier stage , have to wait and see till later . Have only play for bout an hour but like it so far .

Monsters Information?


Before the battle screen when selecting monsters/formation, I can only review the information for the top 3 monster cards. That alone is detrimental to gameplay. I've tried holding down the cards and moving them around - but please add that functionality. I can't remember every monster's skills, health points etc. Unless there's something I'm missing - such a function should be textbook.

Great game


Great game keep it up

Good Starting Point...


It seems this game is much inspired by Heroes Tactics so is that what I will use as my baseline comparison. Areas to Improve: 1. There is no way to filter your monsters. It would be very helpful to click on filters to only see Magic or Aerial or Float or Melee, etc. 2. There really is no monster growth other than just upgrading the levels. There is no gear to equip or to use as an upgrade path like Heroes Tactics and skills are just static with level upgrade. 3. More monsters. I’m only on chapter 7 and I already collected all but 2 monsters. What this game does well: 4. PVP - being able to actually control your characters in PVP is a huge improvement over the auto attacks in Heroes Tactics. 5. Seems less P2W and it seems relatively easy to gather what you need by just playing the game without excessive grinding or purchases. Overall I think this game is fun and has a lot of potential.

Excellent game and team


First off this is a great game it is fun fair and easy to get into Second the support/dev team is amazing I submitted a bug report in game and a member of their team received the report and asked for further details (screenshots,etc) and the next day they updated the game and patched the bug (the bug had to do with missing textures)

An amazing experience!!


I love this game!!

Tactical monsters rumble arena.


Love this game! A tactical hack and slash in which I don't have to build castles but can just have quick 5 minute matches and then leave.



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