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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Good Game (too short)

Live Life for God

Very good game. I’ve been playing about a week, without paying, diamonds or grinding (I work 9 hours, go to school full time, and sleep my 8 hours). Made it to the top of the global, ive gotten pretty high up on mining rumbles and most of the tutorials. Yes I’ve seen some people with higher monsters and I lose sometime. It’s a game. My guess is that some major updates happen or most of these people are just complaining. My only complaint, this game is too short and not enough of a story line. However a great pick up and go game.

Great idea, poor execution


I absolutely loved this game at first. I still do. It has lots of potential. The pvp system needs work. All my matches are against people a few levels higher then me or if they're my level, there monsters will be impossible levels for them, meaning they payed for them. Its not exactly pay to win, but its pay for huge advantages. PvP should go by monsters total combined levels (your starting 3) not your trophies. That way, it also makes it possible to experiment with some of your newer/lower levels and not be a landslide loss. That or something else to make it fun again. Im deleting it because of all the glitches. They're never ending. It no longer makes matches for me if my trophies drop below 3k. Tired of never ending queues. 5 star for fun and balance of toons 3 star for pvp 1 for glitches

Great tactics game


Turn based tactical battles. Great variety of units with many variations of strategy. Love it so far!

I love this game


I love this game because all the strategy I use.

Great game


Love this game. Fun adventure mode that gets challenging. Level 13 first match is an extreme difficulty change though...otherwise gameplay is good and you get cards and money quick earlier on so you can progress, but that slows..this last update is glitching out in guerilla warfare...I’ll start but after a few kills the computer stops playing and I can’t do anything other than quit.......

Hit a constant wall


Played it for over a week now. Its really similar to CR in how cards (monsters) are leveled through collecting them. These types of games I think, survives on in game community and PvP. But this game makes the PvP unplayable. PvP is setup where you can hold one card back like its your wild card which suppose to add more strategy into the PvP match however, when it takes a ridiculous time and effort into leveling just a single card then your only playable wild card is that, limiting your strategy. Leveling cards is supported by joining a clan to speed up the process however, it still takes about 2 days to level a card for me and my cards are only lvl 9. To put it into perspective max lvl cards are 20+ so I’m guessing its going to take a lot longer each time I level. Esports is another playable mode but cant even play it since you need 3 cards to be at least level 12... Clans in this game seems to be mostly Chinese. For English speaking players its hard to establish some type of communication with people in the clans and the only reason why someone will be in a clan like that is because those clans are very active. However for newer players, good luck getting advice or making friends on here. In conclusion, it was a good concept but when comparing this to other similar games, its not a smooth and enjoyable, instead its met with constant walls leading to frustration.

Exactly what I needed!


Each monster is equipped with their own power and turn sets . This game is one of the best tun based games I have ever played, and it’s only going to get better!

Great game but not so addicting


This game is fun but just not that addicting so could the company put some thing popular (not that I know of) that everyone who plays this could have a good time. ( sorry it might be because I have a lot of games close to 30 I know that’s a lot)

The game is fun

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Too many crashes


I tried this game and it constantly crashed when opening locations. I don’t have these issues with other games so I don’t know if this is a new issue with the latest update or the game overall.