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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Good gameplay, bad cash grab


Where to start... This is the second “balance changes” that have been made in 2 months, without any knowledge given to player base before said changes. It’s not nice to log in one day and your main monsters that you’ve spent time and money on are near useless now. What’s worse is they’ve rebalanced many of the same monsters. Are they not testing before implementing the changes? Any balance issues with a monster should have been addressed from the first balance change. Nope. It’s their way of enticing you to open that wallet and spend that cash, again. Where is all that money going? There is no support from the developers. Anyone that you talk to, be it in game contact or their Discord server, are normal players. They receive premium in game currency as compensation. The developers can’t even pay their help?! It’s sad you resort to using average players as your moderators instead of trained professionals, but even worse you won’t pay them except with a currency that has no cost to you. You proudly claim you have introduced cross platform play, which has been promised for a while now. We received cross platform pvp play. While it’s a step, it’s a lazy step. Android had access to the game 5 months before iOS, and Steam 3 months before iOS. You’ve done nothing but put iOS players into pvp against players who have multiple months advantage. Paying to get ahead is ok. Paying to get on par is absurd. I’ve got so much more to say, but I’ve wasted enough time (and surely a shameful amount of money) on this game.

Needs Improvement!

quien cres :p

Great Game and Fun but the sounds and characters need ALOT of improvement. They move like a 1960’s game


Julian grabs


Updates wrecked the game


How frustrating is it when you can’t log in because the game says you need an update you just downloaded? Frustrating enough to quit playing.

Tactical Monsters

Sedona MM

I really enjoy this game because it plays well, is not confusing, and has good mechanics. I like collecting new characters and using different strategies to beat other players and levels. For some reason though, I can’t update it.

The best

dan on the haters

It is easy and fun



After the update it says there is a new version in the store but still has no update option in the store and its been over a day.

Pay to win


If I rated this game strictly on gameplay I’d give it 3 stars. The gameplay is decent, not great. And turn-based game fans will welcome another entry in a neglected field. However, this game fails in most every other respect. It’s a virtual kick in the gamer's dak-dak. First, virtually every single element of this game has been ripped off from other games. Granted, that issue plagues 95% of the titles in the crApp Store. And I’m not opposed to a little intellectual plagiarism in my games when the result is a great game. But this game is mediocre and demonstrates not one single shred of creativity. Worse still the game has changed dramatically to squeeze every last penny from the gamer. Card prices in the shop have skyrocketed. And you will quickly need a LOT of cards to continue leveling your monsters. The free gifts given at 4-6 hour intervals have almost completely evaporated. And the “expeditions” interface that generates cards for the player is utterly broken. The expedition reward depends on the total levels of all monsters sent. However, as I’ve gotten deeper into the game the level targets have ramped up. So my monsters have leveled up but the expedition rewards either remain the same or decrease. Ridiculous. I won’t tell you not to try this game. But if you feed cash into money-grubbing, uninspired titles like this then you’re part of the problem that plagues mobile gaming today.

Tactical Monsters

Nooner Meast

So far...so cool...I like it!!!

Good but still like the rest


Give it a try the turn base combat is interesting but it's the same old same old free to ply pay to win