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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo



Okay this game is good, but there are some parts where it is so obvious that the developers made it to where you can’t beat a level. OR no one tested that level. ALSO, PVP IS BROKEN, ATTACKING SOMEONES MINE DEFENSE SPECIFICALLY. THEY GET WAY MORE TURNS DEFENDING. ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN SOMETIMES

Great, but that AI


Love it tons of fun, and it is a lot of fun. But this mine defense AI is killing me because it in no way fights tactically or at least the way I would respond to the battle. There is one character that drops a totem and instead of killing or attacking another monster right next to him my guy attacks the totem when a hit from him and my next monster would kill that enemy it makes no sense and I wind up losing battle after battle because the AI ignores this and other openings

The amount of synch cheating in the pvp arena


Makes this a title better off uninstalled.

Overall good but clear cheating


Have fun playing the game of course paying would help but I still win quite a few without issue and gain good monster just by being active once a day. My issue I find is that a lot of Chinese players have monsters that don’t function like normal. The same monster I’m using is weaker and not only moves slower but with the exact same monster it will move twice to my once. I’ve fought quite a few but only the Chinese players seem to do this.

Solid game


This is exactly what I was looking for. A turn-based rpg that isn't necessarily pay-to-win

Love it!

David n h

Just started playing but it’s a blast!!!

Fun game!


Great game! I’d like to be given the option to search and choose certain cards in the store, and not be limited by what’s only randomly provided. That’s really a small complaint. I really enjoy playing.

Enjoyable game


It’s pretty fun, interesting monsters, and easy to play.

Worth trying


Great game! Fun and well-balanced with a nice strategic feel. I like it enough that I wanted to make in-game purchases but the game wont connect to my itunes store.

"The Perfect Game Combination"

Ches' Alert14!

Everyone at some point goes through a "Dungeons and Dragons" phase with costumes and cards. Then we upgraded to video games hoping to see our Rpg teams come to life. Well this game is amazing better than I hoped for. The battles graphics are top notch and the more you sign and play the more swag you earn to buy many powerful warriors. Plus you battle with people from around the world?! What more can you ask for , I recommend you add this game to your collection. Yay!???