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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

good game


spent about 50$, it’s quite challenging as the main game play is pvp. Within each battle group you are facing people within the same card level range, which makes tactic actually matters. It also has a system to limit how many legendary card you can use in a game so money actually play a small role here. I do however feel the leveling up is a bit too slow that sometimes I feel quite frustrated, you can have no progress for weeks

Hay đấy


Giống kiểu h3 hồi xưa

The Amazing Game

DUMB GAME!!!!!!!!

This Game is AMAZING!!!I love it a lot.Please Make More Games Like this???

Great Game

Tactical Tester

Love this game, but need more features and more heros with more mechanics otherwise 10\10 game I would really recommend this game to friends. P.s some heros are overpowered so they might need some balance changes. Other than that this game is great if they keep updating!! Thank You for such an amazing game!!!

No ptw


There is no pay to win. I have spent 0 dollars on this game and have 800 gems from grinding challenges. linking facebook gets you many gems and a good monster.

Five stars


Great game?

This is wonderful.


I just downloaded the game and I’m already learning, a lot! I’ve noticed the great detail you put on characters. I’ve got so many diamonds from playing! Keep up the good work.



I’m really enjoying the game but the game is always crashing is this a bug or could it be something on my end



New arenas

More about levels than tactics


Would be a fun game but if you beat people with strategy you eventually match only with those with guys 3-4 levels higher than you. No strategy or competition involved there, and you lose every time. Would be a lot better to play people who have similar level guys.