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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Very fun

Blood Blue Rose

Perfect game for passing the time on the train

Great Game


Engaging and keeps me hooked. Dint have to buy anything - they give you enough free stuff. Takes strategy and planning to play. Kind of gives me a heroclix/mage knight vibe. Also very WoW themed.



Good game

Won't load


I'm guessing you need a 64 bit processor as I've seen this issue before. I'm on iOS 10.3.3, 4th gen iPad.



I enjoyed playing this game for the first day that i had it. Yet I know I would've enjoyed to continue playing the game if it had stopped crashing once I get past the launch screen. All I would is a gift box and a buffering logo in the middle of the screen and every time the app would crash.

Won't Launch


Game won't launch just crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and still wouldn't work.



Graphics could be a tad bit more clean but its minor its pretty the system is awesome with limiting p2w ppl as well which is awesome u cant have all legendaries and pay ur way to the top pretty good liking it alot also not too expensive free players u have a chance IT IS F2P friendly anyone who says its p2w is just looking to complain for now that is good system to give free ppl a chances Second edit...sooo i see ppl complaining abt chest cost shut the hell up and ignore those whiney crybabies buying those chests is actually not very smart and u can progress without it!! Do not let these idiots put u off some of the green monsters are better than the blue rares just figure out ur teams and play on p2w only get a small avantage but the noobs will complain abt gems to buy chests and not realise that they can do without it

Great Game


I’ve been playing this game since it has came out and I still love it, I was just wondering if you guys accept beta testers and if so how do I become one?



Good game

soooooooooooo much funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


this game is so much fun i can deleted this app i soooo much fun you need to this appp