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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Great unique game


Great game



Fix the dumb AI and I'll fix my review.

Good game


Love it

Love it

Steve 0615

Great game thank you for making it!

Well made game


This is a very nice game to have, there is some glitches/ bugs here and there but overall nice app. Although i which it wasn’t a pay to play kinda game. Nevertheless is a good game to pass the time.

Rabbit ruins it all


Was a fun game, rabbit character clearly overpowered and not even ranked as the rarest type. Can move super far, stuns with every move, and essentially unkillable. Not fun when there’s no strategy with this. Not playing until that’s fixed



It is a fun game and the gems are pretty easy to get unlike in some other games, but there is a very limited amount of monsters

Very disappointing game...


I’ve been playing this game for over a month now and it’s absolutely heartbreaking for me to give this game 1 star, but it definitely does not deserve more than that at the moment... Let me explain: 1. This is 100% a “pay to win” game. For example, if you spent $1000 into the game, you will be ranked somewhere in the top 200 in just two days of playing. While if you spent $0 and been playing for 3 months, you will probably ranked around 2000th place only if you are very actively playing. See the difference? Their system is designed to steal every dollar from you. Like the $10 monthly subscription fees and the “advancement packs”. If you don’t pay, you will not advance, simple as that. Also, the way they lure you into stay playing this game is by letting you beat up their bots in pvp! They will make you think you are good at this game by letting you completely destroy their bots. This way, you will be more willing to spend real money into this game. You will be mostly pvp against bots until you hit arena 10. 2. The pvp system is currently very unfair! You will often get mismatches where the opponent will completely massacre your team with their high level monsters. It won’t be about strategy anymore when their monsters just completely overpowers you with the level differences. I would say 2 out of 5 times straight I will have to pvp against someone who has way higher monster levels than me. This is very unfair and discouraging. And everytime a new season starts, all the high levels players get their chance to relentlessly prey on the middle levels players! Be warned... 3. The game is very stingy in terms of rewarding their players. Yes, this game does give you free gems after updates and some events, but you will have to accumulate a large amount of gems in order to buy a decent monster pack/chest. Their daily check-in gifts are even worse! Sure these gifts are good for someone who just starts playing on their first day, but as mid level player, these check-in gifts are completely useless because of the small amount they give you. And at the 28th day of check-in they will give you one orange monster. Seriously? They think giving ONE orange card to someone who’s been playing their game for a month straight is rewarding? then they are just inconsiderate. One orange card for a new player is helpful, but if someone has been playing your game for 28 days straight, one lousy orange card is just useless. Please be warned, stay away from this game unless you got money to burn! Lastly, don’t be deceived by the “developer response”. Can’t believe they just responded my issue with made up lies! The person who wrote the developer response probably never played this game himself like a regular player, otherwise he wouldn’t make such false claims!

Pay to win

Vault dweller 28

Match making is terrible and it’s pay to win the higher you get, if your not gonna spend the money good luck competing. The Dailey rewards are terrible. If you wanted to compete without paying your looking at a longggg time of playing even if your playing and “grinding” every day. He grinding consists of a terrible amount of gold that could t even level a decent monster after 2 weeks of getting the max gold. And not to mention if your not able to join a decent clan your looking at a way longer duration of being about to progress. The company is money hungry, the longevity of this game is not looking good. They do give out a decent amount of gems for free and they do try to fix some of the issues. But they mainly focus on putting out new content rather then fixing the issues inside the game. If you pay to win, this games great you can one shot monster all the way up to the top until you see other pay to win players. Then you might get some competitiveness again if you don’t get bored on the way.

Fun Tactics Game


This game is one of the better tactics games I’ve found. There’s definitely in game purchases, but they aren’t needed to have fun with it. You might want to spend some cash if you want to get competitive, but to just enjoy the game, it’s free and fun!