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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is paid iOS app published by leping guo

Fun but AI can be really stupid


It’s a fun game so far, but my issue is the mine defense game uses AI to control your team and unfortunately it can be very stupid tactical wise. I’ve watched many time when I would lose because my team would not move or attack in the most efficient way. There should be an option for you to take control of your team if you initiate a battle in that mode

Ayuda por favor

rene pato

Hey por qué no me deja entrar a jugar ya lo actualice y no me deja jugar lo borré para instalar de nuevo y no me deja



Play it all the time

Pay to win or would be amazing


Short tense and tactical battles which are eventually determined by how much money (and to a much lesser degree, time) each player has spent. Would be a perfect game for ios except for rapacious and short sighted monetization scheme where even minor upgrades are 5-20 dollars. Thus there is no point in investing a small or reasonable amount in game because you must either be a whale or free to play. No significant difference is achieved by just buying in for less than hundreds of dollars.





Best game ever!!! Thank you =]

Best game ever


Very addictive! I live far from my office so I play it everyday! You don’t have to pay money to be win because the games developer gave out a lot of treasures everyday for the Rumbles so from there you can buy a lot of stuff. It’s a very good game! ??????

No money no game


If you are not buying heavy, you are not advancing anymore. Buy or quit. In the rumble your opponent has at least 2 extra attacks in a row, and heavy critics. You cannot advance over level 13 without buying seriously. It’s a trap.

Love it

Paddy Greenny

I play this game everyday.

Good game


I fw it??