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Rainy Mood is the internet's most popular rain experience. Join millions of people who use Rainy Mood to help them sleep, study, and relax.
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Health & Fitness $2.99 Plain Theory, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The new Rainy Mood app has four fully-customizable rain scenes -- Classic, Ocean, Countryside, and Café. The world's #1 leader in rain sounds has painstakingly composed each rain soundscape.

With stunning HD/48kHz 3D audio and algorithmic randomizer, your brain will naturally relax and focus. Our massive sample library includes 400+ unique thunder claps, cricket chirps, ocean waves, and special effects. Individual rain impact textures include rain on grass, dirt, wood, tin roof, ocean, leaves, and rocks.


+ 3D audio, works with standard headphones
+ Algorithmic randomizer and massive sound library for always-fresh sound that never repeats
+ Sound mixer
+ Sleep timer
+ Energy efficient
+ Play your music simultaneously. Works with your music apps
+ Includes free lifetime updates. iOS 10 ready



Rainy Mood has helped me get and stay calm and relaxed. At night, it gets my brain to slow down and relax to send me into sleep.

Small tweak

Most likely difficult to interact with the respective os in regards to finer grained volume control. However, in ios is it possible to pause if a bluetooth device ie headphones are unpaired to prevent the playback from outputting to the speakers? Otherwise great app

Love this app

I really enjoy this app, it actually helped me concur my fear of thunderstorms, however I do wish there would be more than the four options for raining sounds. They’re lovely and I use the countryside one all the time, but more options would be nice to see!

Love it!

Love it!! The sounds was of great quality, and I’m so glad I get to listen to this everytime I want.

Awesome! But...

Awesome! But please add rain hitting a windowpane as other reviewers have suggested!

Great app
Tina Os.

I was looking for an app that would calm me enough to sleep and I found this app. The classic setting is my favorite. Thunderstorms always put me to sleep. Worth every penny for the calming effect. Thank you for making such a great app.

Best app ever

I’ve been using this app for years now and it’s absolutely amazing. I use it for sleep and studying. It’s perfect. You could add some sounds tho cause they haven’t changed in a while. Maybe a calm river sound or something. But over all 10/10 app. It’s amazing.

Super limited

4 options only, Not nearly as customizable or diverse as they lead you to believe in the description. Not worth paying the money when plenty of free apps offer the same quality and options!

Broken for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Im switching back to the free online version at rainymood.com. The app has more options, however something breaks when my alarm goes off in the morning. After snoozing my alarm, the options I selected (turning off Bird noises) revert back to default and its very loud.

Monsoon magic!

It’s a brilliant app! The one things I missed in California were the Indian monsoons. Love the freedom to customize and choose between where it’s raining and how much rain/thunder etc. The cafe is my favorite setting when I work from home and countryside when I’m just reading or going to bed. It runs alongside anything else you’re doing on the phone/computer. I discovered it in grad school and it’s still perfect:)

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