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Rainy Mood is the internet's most popular rain experience. Join millions of people who use Rainy Mood to help them sleep, study, and relax.
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Health & Fitness $2.99 Plain Theory, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The new Rainy Mood app has four fully-customizable rain scenes -- Classic, Ocean, Countryside, and Café. The world's #1 leader in rain sounds has painstakingly composed each rain soundscape.

With stunning HD/48kHz 3D audio and algorithmic randomizer, your brain will naturally relax and focus. Our massive sample library includes 400+ unique thunder claps, cricket chirps, ocean waves, and special effects. Individual rain impact textures include rain on grass, dirt, wood, tin roof, ocean, leaves, and rocks.


+ 3D audio, works with standard headphones
+ Algorithmic randomizer and massive sound library for always-fresh sound that never repeats
+ Sound mixer
+ Sleep timer
+ Energy efficient
+ Play your music simultaneously. Works with your music apps
+ Includes free lifetime updates. iOS 10 ready


Not ported to M1.

This has got to be the least complex application that is still used today that has yet to be ported to the new M1 chip. You literally just build from source. That's it.

Best App!

I love rainy mood! It’s the best rain app in my opinion.

I love rainy mood
P-town Listener

It makes me fall asleep everyday and u get to control how much rain or birds extra and where ever u are it makes u furl comfortable

So so close to perfect
Christopher Rueben

Love love love this app. My favorite for naptime and meditation. I only wish there was Airplay for my home speakers!

No no longer compatible

This was a one of my favorite. Unfortunately, after the latest upgrade, it no longer works.

omg yes

it’s so amazing. i’m being 100 percent serious. it’s so cool AND you can play music while also listening to the rain. i would definitely recommend getting this and i’ve told all my friends about it and they all love it:)

I LOVE this app!
flightless nerd

As someone who has trouble sleeping as well as anxiety, I HIGHLY recommend this app. Not only is it nicely immersive in the choices given for classic mode, but you can also choose the ocean, the countryside or a little cafe! And I love having those choices and the control of the different elements of each. I’m so grateful for this app, I really am. When it’s hard to relax and quiet your mind, this is very helpful. My trouble sleeping comes from my chronic pain condition, so this helps me calm down, too. Again, I really recommend this app. I’m so grateful. ❤️👏

Decent app

No frills but cool app that gets the baby to sleep.

Not loud enough

Doesn’t allow you to mix it higher

Rarely does an app make me want to write a review...

This app is especially great during quarantine as you can simulate what it might be like to be out in a coffee shop reading or doing work. You can adjust whether you want chatter to be at a minimum or a bustling cafe. Same with rain, do you want a particularly thundery night? Or chill slow rain drops? Incredible and worth the dollars!