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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Only one thing they need to change to be perfect for me.

Luna Cee

The app is too quiet! When I try to play my music along with it (which would be a great feature to take advantage of), all I hear is music, not rain. If possible, boost the max volume for the app so it can compete, or make a way to balance out which source is louder than the other. I like my music to be playing softly underneath the rain, not the other way around, and I can't do that while I'm on a trip with other people.

Very soothing.

Confounded Viola

This app has really helped me to both get to sleep and stay asleep. The randomness of genuine natural sounds and the high-quality of the recordings is key. I like the country rain the best. Toggling the ratio of rain to crickets to thunder is also very helpful.

Love it!

Call me puppy

I absolutely love this app! Always helps me to calm down

I fall asleep to this app every night


Love this app, love the sleep timer. Sometimes I even play the rain sounds in the background of music if it fits (like instrumental stuff or Sigur Ros), or have this in the background at work when I need some noise but nothing distracting. It's just a nice, natural sounding rain, not tinny or canned the way some rain recordings are.


Ric Sancheezmo

It's great.



This app is great for sleeping or relaxing or studying/working.

Great Sound!!

Jae Keitamo

I work in a medical office and get here a few hours before anyone else in the morning. I do all my admin work in the dark work candles and this app running, no lie! There’s something soothing about soft rain and thunder in the morning. My only complaint is that the app only runs in portrait mode, and not landscape. Seems a silly thing but I use the app on my iPad Pro while it’s standing up with the Smart Keyboard attached and the sound balance is amazing! It would just be nice to see the app rotate is all.

Can't rotate


I have my iPad sitting horizontally when I go to bed, so it's super annoying that the app doesn't rotate horizontally. I really love the app besides that though. I also wish I could set the timer to be longer than 1 hour though. Insomnia is my main reason for using the app, so sometimes it takes over an hour to fall asleep. I also wish there were more sounds, like rain on windows (so it sounds like it's raining outside instead of you being outside in the rain) or a fireplace sound. It just feels like most of the current sounds aren't suitable to fall asleep to. I can only use the default, with no extra noise. UPDATE: 1 year after contacting the devs asking for basic changes (no rotate, no timer edit) and they clearly don't give a sh*t. Why is the timer hidden in a sub menu?? This is useless, just put it next to the volume or something so it's easy to get to. Oh wait I forgot that they still don't care about improving their app, why do I bother.

Love Rainy moods



Sleep timer


I’ve used this app for years. I love it. I just wish there was a option for a longer sleep timer. Like 2 or 3 hours not just one hour.