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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.



Love this! Actually saw this on uberfacts and tried the free version. After one night I bought it- love it! So cool and actually better than I expected !

Far from perfect for a costly sound app


If you are paying for sounds it should be better quality than what you can receive elsewhere. The rain sounds in this app are annoyingly unbalanced, will get very loud for a little while and then die down. Also a very odd whale type sound is heard over and over again in the background. It really should just be rain I'm hearing if I have the other sounds turned off.



I originally found this years ago on Clementine audio play for Linux. Had no idea this was an app!! I absolutely love this and listen to it while studying, reading, or anything really to help keep me company centered and concentrated. Thank you!



I love that I can customize so many sounds. I just wish it had more than a one hour timer option.

Really Good

Sam a fire

It is a great app. It helps you sleep and it is so calming to listen to while either stressed or working. It is so real sounding also. 💚

Rainy Mood


Absolutely love!!! Very calming. Especially appreciate being able to customize which sounds are dominant and can even completely turn off the ones I don't like. Highly recommend.

It's Rain.


The sound of rain in your pocket for $2.00. It's a fair price in my book.

Excellent Customization


The free Rainy Mood is great, but I didn't like the thunder. Now I can turn the thunder frequency way down and adjust the bird frequency as well. But I've gotten to prefer the countryside rain lately, because it sounds more like the rain's falling in a forest. An amazing of work went into the details in this app. If you use the free Rainy Mood and enjoy it, buy this app.

Helps with insomnia and stress.


I fall asleep to this app every night. It's calming and sounds like it's really raining outside. I had originally purchased the app years ago to do homework to, but now I have it on all the time just to soothe every day anxiety as well. Great job.

Nifty app


I put this on when it's time for my children to go to sleep. You can mute parts like the thunder or the bird sounds if you only want to hear the rain. There's also a beach and coffee shop option.