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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Essential for Sleep!


A must-have for anyone who needs background sounds while sleeping!

Would be 5 stars


I LOVE this app. But as of June 21 2019 it no longer seems to work. Any and EVERY time that the app is no longer the focus it stops playing sound. I can no longer put this on and just go to sleep because the moment my phone goes into rest mode the sound stops. This is a new development as of TODAY and it’s a huge bummer. I use this app to sleep and will no longer be able to do so. Note: This is an ongoing thing. It doesn’t ALWAYS do this but it does it enough that it’s an issue.

No AirPlay means I want a refund


This app does not appear to support Airplay in any way — what the hell is the point, then? I can Airplay the website on mobile Safari, but not the app? No one wants to listen to this stuff even through good phone speakers — you need to listen to it through things like HomePod to get the full effect. Absurd. I will be requesting a refund for the $3 I wasted.

Helps with anxiety

Luna Monrealll

At the begining of 2017, I had really bad anxiety and insomnia, and I wanted something calming and relaxing to put my mind at rest, so I tried this app. It worked wonders, and ever since that night, I have slept like a baby.

As long as it continues to work I’m happy


This app is no frills but does exactly what you want, which is listening to some rain. It works offline and has no subscription and always works. As long as none of that will change and they keep updating it to maintain iOS compatibility, it is money well spent!

Can’t sleep without it


I’ve conditioned myself to sleep with this app. Been using is for YEARS. First as a website then as an app as soon as they came out with it. Legit can’t be without it and am constantly recommending it to friends, family and clients.

No airplay support


I bought this to stream to my speakers, but there is no airplay support. Ironically I can do this from the free web version, as most browsers have airplay.

I love it!

Awsten Smith

I love this app! It’s so calming and it’s great for some soothing background noise. I put it on before I go to sleep and then I’m asleep in under 5 minutes!

Decent app!

Instagram ~ itscadence

I got this app because I loved & used the website so much. It has a few different rain environment(?) settings.. ocean, classic, cafe & country side.. the particular sounds can be customized to your liking (i.e. you can turn the thunder down or make it louder than the rain/other sounds in comparison). It plays in the background so it doesn’t stop with the pause/play as the music app would in the control center which I actually like. I can’t even remember how much I paid for it - $2 or $3. I wish it had more rainy settings like some others have said rain on the window, or a more intense thunderstorm, or even another version of the classic sound. You can tell it’s the same (short) track on repeat but it’s calming nonetheless. Android phones give you all this and then some for free :( ... overall not bad.

Worth the price

Christine Ophelia

I never pay for apps, but Rainy Mood was well worth the $3 price tag. I’ve loved Rainy Mood since it was just a website back in 2007/2008. I work in an office where I can have headphones in all day, and sometimes office life can get pretty stressful. I put on Rainy Mood, which allows Spotify or Audible to run concurrently, and wrap my blanket around myself and de-stress. I love that each environment has a different kind of rain, and that it waxes and wanes as real rain does. I can’t recommend this app enough - my two favorite work friends also use Rainy Mood! 100% recommend. Would give 6 stars if I could. Thanks Rainy Mood!

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